Feed the barbs more often than other fish. The fact that unlike other fish, barbs have a good appetite and constant hunger. But let's not immediately feed them a lot, otherwise it can lead to obesity. It is better to feed small portions but more often.
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Let the barbs both dry and plant food. Feeding well suited bloodworms, Tubifex, Daphnia, koretra, Cyclops and other animal foodstuffs. To dry food, be sure to add vitamin D.
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Arrange the barbs for two days a week. In the fasting days, feed the barbs of one or a maximum of two times throughout the day, and definitely a small portion. A little "hunger strike" will allow you to avoid overeating.
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As a plant food, let the barbs scalded leaves the usual lettuce and cucumber. If the barbs do not give vegetation, your aquarium plants can be completely eaten.
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When the content of several species of barbs, keep in mind that some types of faster and more mobile, so the food they eat faster than their slow counterparts. In this case, make the aquarium two feeders. First pour the food into one – this way you will attract the attention of the most active fish. After you pour the feed into the second trough for a more slow and peaceful barbs. This method will allow you to feed all the fish, without worrying that someone might not get food.
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