Overview of Gara-Rufus

Gara-Rufus – species of fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae. Natural habitat – Middle East countries: Turkey, Syria, Israel, Iraq, and Iran. Fish are near the bottom. The duration of their life cycle is 4-5 years. Size Gara Rufus, depending on the microclimate environment that can range from 2 to 15 cm.

Aquarium conditions for these fish. However, in recent years, this is a question many are interested. The main goal of breeding – the use of fish for therapeutic and cosmetic procedures. As this type quite whimsical, breeding Gara Rufus requires compliance with certain rules relating to the maintenance of the desired temperature, feeding and other aspects.

Maintaining the temperature

Since in natural conditions the fish live in ponds and streams from the thermal springs, the temperature of the artificial habitat should be at least 22-24°C. the Most optimal temperature for Gara-Rufus – 34-38°C.

Proper nutrition for Gara-Rufus

From Gar-Rufus leaking very fast metabolism, so food must be supplied to the fish regularly. There is a perception that these fish are omnivorous. But this is not true, since there are feed, the composition of which is more beneficial to the development of individuals. The group consists of frozen bloodworms, Daphnia and Artemia, as well as high-quality dry food of the same origin.

In addition, one of the favorite feed Gara-Rufus – dead elements of human skin. This feature was the fact that fish for more than a century used for treatment of skin diseases in the East, and about five years in the domestic cosmetic and medical practice.

Additional factors comfortable storage Gara-Rufus

Power and temperature are not the only factors that affect the Gara Rufus. When breeding these creatures we should also consider such factors as:

1. The required volume of water in the aquarium, which is 1-2 litres per one individual.

2. The chemical composition of water:

hydrogen index (pH) is 6.5-7.0 (permissible level not less than 5.5 and not more than 8.0);
- hardness up to 20 dH.

3. Permanent filtering medium.

4. The need to keep the fish in flocks, consisting of at least 5-6 individuals need to be the same species, because other fish Gara-Rufus is not interesting. This is because fish are very playful and their favorite activity – chasing.

Observing these rules, you can expect to succeed in breeding Gara Rufus.