Cheese cream is perfect for pies, cakes, rolls and other sweets. In addition, it can be a separate dish. Serve it for dessert, spread out in bowl and garnish with berries and mint leaves.

Classic cheese cream

- cheese – 400 g;
cream 30-35% fat – 200-250 g;
- sugar powder – 100 g;

Wipe the curd through a sieve to avoid lumps. Then slowly add whipped cream until a thick mass. The resulting mixture should be quite dense, not easy to spread and spread. Add in cottage cheese and cream mass of the powdered sugar and vanilla, mix well. The resulting cream put on an hour in the fridge. If desired, the cream can be replaced with sour cream.

Cottage cheese cream with gelatin

- cheese – 500 g;
cream 30-35% fat 400 ml;
- sugar – 3 tbsp;
- lemon – 2 pieces;
- grated lemon zest – 1tbsp.l.;
- gelatin - 2 tbsp;

Soak the gelatine, flushing with warm water. For the specified amount of gelatin you need 1/2 Cup of water. As soon as the gelatin will bulk up, heat it in a water bath until dissolved. Until the mass cools, squeeze juice from lemons and grate the zest on a fine grater.

Curd wipe through a sieve, to avoid lumps. Add to the cream cheese sugar, juice and zest of lemons. Then whip the cream until receiving air mass. Mix curd lemon mix with whipped cream. Add the gelatine. Mix all the ingredients. The cream is ready to eat or cake decoration.

Cottage cheese cream with candied fruits

- cheese – 250 g;
cream 30-35% fat – 250 ml;
- powdered sugar – 150 g;
- candied fruit – 50 g;
- orange juice – 250 g;
- gelatin – 20 g;
- water – 100 g;

Soak the gelatine, flushing with warm water. Specified in the recipe amount of gelatin you need 100 grams of water. Wait until the gelatin swells. Then warm it in a water bath, continuously stirring to dissolve. Cool.

Curd skip twice through a meat grinder. Add to the cream cheese powdered sugar, chopped candied fruits, vanilla. Mix orange juice with gelatin and add the mixture to the curd. Whip the chilled cream and add to the curd. Cottage cheese cream with candied fruit ready.

This cream can be spread out in molds and decorate with chopped nuts and grated chocolate. Before serving, let cool.