Banana cream based on condensed milk

To prepare the cream you need the following ingredients:

- a ripe banana (in the peel must be present black spots) – 3 PCs.;
- condensed milk – 1 Bank;
- vanilla sugar – 1 packet;
- butter (can use low fat) – 200 g

First, you need to take the oil and leave it at room temperature for 1-2 hours. During this time it has time to soften. Then take the bananas and peel. Slice the fruit into thin slices. Place butter and bananas in a blender, and then start whisking the mass for 5-7 minutes.

Open the can of condensed milk and pour the main ingredients. Add the sachet of vanilla sugar and stir all with a spoon. Then turn blender to medium speed and continue whisking mass to a homogeneous condition. When the cream is ready, they can immediately brush with sponge cakes. The middle of the cake it is recommended to fill a big portion of cream in the dessert does not dry out.

Banana cream sour cream

For this cream you need the following products:
- banana – 2 PCs.;
- powdered sugar – 2 tbsp. spoon;
- vanilla – 1 package;
- sour cream – 200 g

Take sour cream and stir into it powdered sugar. Mixer start whisking the ingredients for 5 minutes. Take bananas, peel them from the skin and cut into small pieces. Send them in blender and make smooth puree. Shift it to the mass of sour cream and continue whisking for another 10 minutes. Then you are ready banana cream grease sponge cakes.

Banana cream

This cream is great for cakes that are not pre-impregnated with syrup. To prepare it you need the following:
- heavy cream – 250 g;
- banana – 3 PCs.;
- sugar powder – 100 g;
- Baileys liqueur – 1 tbsp.

Take bananas, peel them from the skin, cut into small pieces and then mash with a fork to obtain a homogeneous puree. Add the liqueur and mix thoroughly mass. Take a separate bowl and pour chilled cream into it. Start them beat with a mixer. After 5 minutes add the powdered sugar. Then continue to whip the cream, until, until they become thick. Then add banana mash, using a spoon, gently stir the ingredients. When the mixture homogeneous, you can use it for making cake.