Why garden strawberry is so popular

Most keen gardeners are grown in their garden and suburban areas strawberries. This is one of the most popular garden crop, because the berries have a tender and juicy taste, nice unique flavor, they contain various minerals and vitamins required for human body: potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, and many others.

Growing strawberries gives gardeners and aesthetic pleasure: strawberry bushes with large ripe berries on the manicured garden beds look wonderful, allow gardeners to see the results of their efforts and be proud of them. To the promotion of garden strawberries invaluable contribution made by breeders every year appear new, higher yielding and disease resistant varieties, satisfying the most demanding taste and greatly facilitates the cultivation of horticultural crops.
Culture cultivation of the garden strawberry have been known since ancient times, since the time of Hippocrates.

What are the varieties of garden strawberry

Among the huge variety of varieties of strawberries can distinguish three large groups that differ from each other by the period of ripening: early, middle and late. Each group finds its admirers, and competent use of them in the garden allows you to prolong the period of fruiting for 2-3 months and to fresh berries almost the entire season, from spring to autumn.

The content of nutrients of the berries of garden strawberry are a well established leading position among the horticultural crops.
Of the early varieties are popular "early Chisinau", "early Biruliovsky", "alpha"; medium – "festival", "Delicious", "knight", many others. Among late varieties may be noted the "Leningrad late", "Bogota", "Saxon", "Zenith".

The best variety of strawberry for the middle band

Findings allow breeders to grow these berries in almost the entire territory of our country. If the right to choose varieties for planting, you can successfully grow strawberries in your garden and in the middle belt, and the Urals, and Siberia. Of course, you have to exert more effort to save the bushes from freezing in the harsh winters and vyprevaniya in the spring, but the result is worth it.

There is no varieties of garden strawberries in North and South, however, when buying bushes, you should give preference to those varieties which are zoned for your climate zone. You can do this, if you purchase seedlings of garden strawberry in specialized plodopitomnik. Getting there landing material, you can be sure that he more than others is right for your site. This will help to reduce risks in cultivation of strawberries to a minimum.

Among the varieties of strawberries for the middle band can be noted "Kokinshu early". This variety produces good yields of small berries with high taste qualities. With some effort, you can harvest strawberries throughout the summer and get natural vitamins right from the garden.