Universal gifts

Gift certificate store will be a good gift for a friend. If she recently moved, then it will be the actual subject of home accessories. If the friend is a supporter of an active lifestyle, it will please the certificate to a sports store. To absolutely universal variants include perfume (beauty) store.

Subscription to beauty salon - another gift option. Women tend to desire to look stunning. However, they do not always have the time, money or something else for the trip to the salon. A gift subscription can be very useful.

Candy bouquet - at least a nice gift. Sweets are loved by many girls. The more their delight is made from them the bouquet. Such a gift can make it yourself or have a specialized firm.

You can give jewelry made of natural stones. It can be vases, figurines, candlesticks. You can even choose the stone, any friend's zodiac sign.

Please friend and elite varieties of coffee, tea. The choice depends on her preferences. You can buy in specialized stores.

Photo shoot with a professional photographer bring her friend in delight. Sometimes I want to capture some important moments of life, but a normal cheap camera is not able to do it at a high level. Ordering a professional photo shoot for a friend, you can be sure that this gift is a great choice.

Original gift can be a memento with the image of a friend. Her pictures can be used for the manufacture of photo souvenir. It can be a mug, a t-shirt or plate with the image of your beloved friend and interesting inscriptions or congratulations.

The teapot can decorate the kitchen table of a friend. Porcelain relinquishing their positions. Increasingly, you can see the kitchen tables glass dish. After the glass has the opportunity to observe the process of brewing tea leaves.

Teaspoon engraved with the name is quite interesting gift. If it is custom made, it is altogether unique.

Portrait from photo will become a truly valuable gift for a friend.

Not superfluous techno-gifts. It can be mobile phone accessories, computer drives, headphones, electronic photo frame.

Cause a smile from a friend a fun gift. You can give a friend a kitchen apron with a comic premium tape, huge funny mug or medal.

What to give a friend if she still has

Gifts can be not only material and practical, but also on the emotional level. To touch them, of course, will not work, but the most powerful positive energy will be provided.

If a friend is all you need, you can give her vivid emotions and breathtaking experience. It is possible to arrange in her honor a magnificent fireworks display. You can invite a friend in an unusual place or to organize a show of Gypsies with bear. And this is not all of the ideas will no doubt be a welcome surprises for girlfriend. You can dream as much as in the interests of a loved one.