Start by finding answers to simple questions such as: what your girlfriend likes, what her interests are and how they spend their leisure time. The answers to these questions will help you to find an original surprise for a friend, and not to turn everything into a banal purchase for her bottle of perfume or kitchen towels.
Select a gift depending on the preferences of your girlfriend. If a friend enjoys some hobby, for example, fitness, crafts, dance, best gift for her will be items related to her hobby. If your friend is a practical girl, then it will be the best gift: bag, diary, wallet, credit card wallet or purse. For stylish girlfriend reserve a vacancy for a course in nails or pick decor that matches the style of the interior of her house. For a friend, passionate romantic relationships, a good gift would be: luxury lingerie, peignoir with lace inserts or silk bedding. For friends-careerists working in the field of business, it is recommended to give gifts that can brighten up the everyday. Such gifts may be: office accessories, subscription to relevant magazine, business card holders, or electronic photo frames.
Diversify your activity partner. It's much more pleasant to spend time with my best friend in interesting places, getting lots of positive impressions as well as while keeping your warm relationship. A good alternative for this will be: a circus, a zoo, bowling, Billiards, cafe, theater, tennis, library, water Park, Museum, theatre, picnic or trip to the beach.
Spend as much time as possible with her. It is possible to spend time together and engage in an interesting affair. For example, go with a friend to dance lessons, learn a foreign language together, go together shopping, enroll in a cooking class or visit the gym.