To choose as mascot amber can people born on February 22 and July as well as June 9. Aventurine is suitable for people born the 15 and 19 February, 8 April and 12 may, 19 August and 26 September. Charoite is a talisman for those who was born on the 18th and 23rd of March, 1 July and 21 Oct. Aquamarine protects the born 8 and 30 March, 22 June, 3 August, and chrysoprase suitable for those who was born on 17 and 24 March and 21 September. Cannot be the talisman stone that a person buys for himself - he will be not earlier than in 3-4 years. The stone should donate or knowledgeable person, or a close and from the heart.
For those born March 1, 9 may, 2 July and 30 November, a good mascot will be amazonite, but for those who was born on 14 and 24 February, 21 April and 3 September a good choice as a mascot is chrysoberyl. Amethyst protects the unborn 6 and 10 April, 27 may and 17 September. Chrysolite is a talisman for those who have birthday on 13 March, 16 may and 10 July, and beryl - born March 14, may 29, 8 and 19 June, 3 July and 10 August. Tiger's eye can choose born in February, 10, 28 and 29. Stone, selected according to date of birth should be suitable to man in the sign as the sign of the zodiac a great influence on man.
Jet is well suited to those born on February 25, 21 July, 17 August and 22 September, sardonyx to those whose birthday is February 12, 11, 19 or 21 March, 4 April and 13 July. Rhinestone is a talisman for those born on March 3, September 7, October 16, sapphire - born 21 February, 7 March, 21 June, 24 and July 25. Garnet is suitable for those born March 12, 6, 24 and 25 April, ruby - born March 9 and 22, October 25. Although pearl is not a stone, it can be a mascot, born 2 March, 7 may and 25 June. It is undesirable to carry the stone just because he's donated, if he did not like his master. Sometimes it happens that all recommended numbers and horoscopes stones push outside - in these cases it is not necessary to force yourself, it is better to choose a stone that you really like.
Some stones will affect its owner too much, and therefore as a mascot to use is not recommended. This is the opal that can be worn only born at the end of September, as the rest of the rock will plunge into a deep melancholy and sadness. Amber and pearls, it is better not to wear those on a horoscope a lion, it is quite heavy stones. Amazonite, the majority bearing his strongest breeds laziness. And sapphire, Bloodstone and garnet can strengthen such qualities as rudeness and harshness, to encourage owner to maintain a vicious and dissolute lifestyle.