In the winter often want to enjoy the taste of fresh herbs or vegetables. However the products offered in stores vary greatly in taste from those grown in the summer in the garden or summer cottage. The freeze will help to solve this problem. It not only affects the flavor and vitamin quality green but also retains its usual form and flavor.

How to freeze parsley and green onions for the winter

In order to prepare the greens for the winter, thoroughly wash the sprigs of parsley or green onions feathers.
The herbs selected for the freeze, must be cut immediately before the process of procurement, so that she wouldn't fade away.

Then thoroughly dry the products with the help of paper napkins or towels. Cut parsley extra tails and remove the damaged feathers of the bow. Put the greens in a plastic bag and wrap tightly, letting out all the air. As such, the parsley, onions and other greens can be stored in the freezer for several months.

In order to facilitate their cooking in the future, the greens can be cut and then freeze. Also wash and dry desired amount of parsley, finely chop with a sharp knife and fold into a package or container. Freeze.
Onions can also be cut into small slices before freezing.

The basic rules of freezing greens

Give preference to fresh, newly cut green. If you freeze wilted onions or parsley, they would lose their juiciness, color and flavor.

Be sure to wash the greens, which are going to be subjected to freezing, several times. So you are guaranteed to get rid of all the contaminants that may be on the branches.

Thoroughly dry all sprigs of herbs. For this purpose, the beam from the washed parsley can be hung over the sink and leave for some time in this condition. If the water dry off in no time, it freeze with herbs.

Be sure to pay attention, whether hermetically packaged products that need to freeze. Try to remove the packages as much as possible the amount of air, creating a vacuum. Containers and jars are used for freezing and storage of herbs, tightly close. If possible, use a special device to remove air.

First, use for cooking and decorating food packets with herbs that have frozen before the rest.