You will need
  • - tincture of herbs – nettle, burdock, calamus
  • - pepper tincture (vodka and red capsicum)
  • - the infusion of fungus
  • - a decoction of nettle
The first thing you must investigate and correct the cause of the loss of hair. The reasons can be several improper care of scalp and hair, AMI, lack of vitamins and minerals, hormonal diseases or the effects of chemical coloring and frequent blow-drying.
To help stop the loss of hair will help some simple tips on every day. Start to comb hairs brush with a few teeth, as little as possible use a Hairdryer, tongs and flat irons for styling, wash and rinse your head with warm, not hot or cold water.
Good result gives the use of folk remedies, using tinctures of medicinal plants – stinging nettle, burdock, calamus and sweet fees.
Pepper tincture helps in improving blood circulation to the scalp and as a consequence, to reduce the loss of hair. To prepare the tincture in a bottle of vodka with a capacity of 0,33 ml put a whole pod of red hot pepper and insist about two weeks. Received bitter tincture before bed rubbed into the scalp daily until the desired effect. If there is no time or desire for independent preparation of the tincture, it can be replaced "pepper brandy" sold in liquor departments.
Has proven its use an infusion of the shelf fungus – a woody fungus. Dry chaga crumble, pour boiling water and leave for several hours. Be rubbed before washing the skin and hairs head lightly.
A good way that helps to stop the loss of hairis a decoction of nettle. 100 g of fresh nettle or 30 g of dry fill with hot water, let stand for half an hour and rinse your hairafter you wash. Use this tool after daily washing of the hair within one month.
In addition to folk remedies to combat hair lossm, you can use cosmetic procedure – mesotherapy, ozone therapy, head massage and professional mask for hair.