Give strong emotions

Favorite genre of most women's romance novels. Give your friend the opportunity to experience a storm of passionate feelings, empathizing with the characters in the novel. Modern love books have a very beautiful cover that will make them an ornament to any bookshelf. A series of romance novels are executed in the same design, giving a set of several books.

Just figure out before hand what your friend prefers - modern ironic novels, stylized stories of the past or classic the adventures of Scarlett O'hara and Jane Eyre. By the way, even if classic novels your friend already read it, it will still rejoice in the new Deluxe edition.
Do not write greetings on the front of the book - will be entitled only to the author.

Gift household friend

What the subject wants to receive a hostess gift? Of course, a cookbook, large format, with mouth-watering illustrations and variety of recipes. Now a very popular book in the spring, the leaves of which are cut into three parts. On top of the provided photos and description of first course, on average - the second and on the bottom of the dessert. Such publications will help to create the unique menu, alternating meals. Choosing a cookbook view its contents. There must be different recipes are simple and complex. A nice bonus is the presence of recipes for the oven or slow cooker.

Something new about a favorite pastime of

If your girlfriend is fond of needlework, give her a book about her favorite hobby. Of course, if she's a professional, she was unlikely to be an interesting learning edition. But bookstores sell a lot of books on needlework popular scheme of knitting, patterns for embroidery, new knots for macrame, motifs for batik, and many others.

Of course, all of this can be found on the Internet, but a beautiful book with large illustrations much better scattered workshops, is filled with. If the friend is a creative person, in the eternal search, you can give her a tutorial on drawing, playing guitar, flash animation, etc.
A book on needlework can be supplemented with an appropriate gift - a skein of thread or a set for embroidery.

Gift for pregnant friend

During this wonderful period of life the woman is constantly thinking about the baby. She is happily waiting for his appearance, but a little bit worry that something will go wrong. Give a friend a book on pregnancy and the first days of baby's life or an encyclopedia for their healthy growth. If the period is large enough, you can purchase the first children's books.