Advice 1: What book to give to a friend for a birthday

Although electronic books are gaining more admirers, real, paper editions are expensive for the soul gift. Colorful design, illustrations and unique aroma of ink make the book a welcome gift in the house.
What book to give to a friend for a birthday

Give strong emotions

Favorite genre of most women's romance novels. Give your friend the opportunity to experience a storm of passionate feelings, empathizing with the characters in the novel. Modern love books have a very beautiful cover that will make them an ornament to any bookshelf. A series of romance novels are executed in the same design, giving a set of several books.

Just figure out before hand what your friend prefers - modern ironic novels, stylized stories of the past or classic the adventures of Scarlett O'hara and Jane Eyre. By the way, even if classic novels your friend already read it, it will still rejoice in the new Deluxe edition.
Do not write greetings on the front of the book - will be entitled only to the author.

Gift household friend

What the subject wants to receive a hostess gift? Of course, a cookbook, large format, with mouth-watering illustrations and variety of recipes. Now a very popular book in the spring, the leaves of which are cut into three parts. On top of the provided photos and description of first course, on average - the second and on the bottom of the dessert. Such publications will help to create the unique menu, alternating meals. Choosing a cookbook view its contents. There must be different recipes are simple and complex. A nice bonus is the presence of recipes for the oven or slow cooker.

Something new about a favorite pastime of

If your girlfriend is fond of needlework, give her a book about her favorite hobby. Of course, if she's a professional, she was unlikely to be an interesting learning edition. But bookstores sell a lot of books on needlework popular scheme of knitting, patterns for embroidery, new knots for macrame, motifs for batik, and many others.

Of course, all of this can be found on the Internet, but a beautiful book with large illustrations much better scattered workshops, is filled with. If the friend is a creative person, in the eternal search, you can give her a tutorial on drawing, playing guitar, flash animation, etc.
A book on needlework can be supplemented with an appropriate gift - a skein of thread or a set for embroidery.

Gift for pregnant friend

During this wonderful period of life the woman is constantly thinking about the baby. She is happily waiting for his appearance, but a little bit worry that something will go wrong. Give a friend a book on pregnancy and the first days of baby's life or an encyclopedia for their healthy growth. If the period is large enough, you can purchase the first children's books.

Advice 2: What to gift best friend birthday

How wonderful to give gifts and to receive pleasure from the joy of the person that received the gift, especially if it is the closest and best friend.
What to gift best friend birthday
The choice of gift is quite interesting, but sometimes it just becomes some kind of puzzle, and trips to various shops do not give positive results, besides time-consuming. Not to get into such a predicament, please consider what to give, this is necessary to consider the nature of friends, interests, Hobbies, cherished desires and lifestyle.
You also need to determine what your gift: practical or symbolic.

Practical gifts

When choosing a practical gift, consider the lifestyle and occupation of the individual. For example, Housewives can get something from the kitchen equipment or just a set of pots, tableware. Also pay attention to the taste preferences of your girlfriend. For lovers of coffee perfect coffee machines, coffee grinders, coffee makers, those who adhere to diets, you can give steamer or toaster for those who like baking and various cocktails suitable mixers and blenders, but if your friend loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, feel free to give her a food processor.

For a friend, which belongs to the category business ladies, you can pick up leather organiser, business card holders, Notepad in an expensive weave, a tablet or a high end pen.

If your friend has a car, you can choose from automotive topics such as navigation, radio, seat covers, DVR.

To sports friends the perfect gift would be a pedometer, scales, hand case for phone, stopwatch, as well as a subscription to a fitness club.
Of course, good gifts are and various jewellery and costume jewelry.

Symbolic gifts

If you want to make a symbolic gift or to fill your life with positive emotions and memorable, you can choose a trip to the paintball club, skiing or ice skating, horseback riding, Spa treatments, skydiving, Opera, concert favorite singer or going to the movies for the much anticipated film.

And do not worry if when choosing a gift, you have limited finances. You can pick up a variety of Souvenirs, boxes, vases, to make a gift with your own hands, order in the Studio calendar with a picture of the birthday girl or a slide show of congratulations. And various aromatic lamps, candles and gift Soaps will be able to please your friends. And of course, don't forget about flowers that are so admired all women.

Advice 3: What to gift best friend birthday

Strong female friendship is worthy of praise. Best friends are the example to follow. After all, they always care about each other, they experience happy and sad moments of life.
what to give to your best friend
Birthday best friend is a special date. It is necessary to prepare in advance. Necessary to take care of buying a gift that will delight and surprise a girlfriend.

Nice gifts for best friend

To celebrate a birthday, you will gather in a cafe or club, pre-dressed in a beautiful dress and wearing heels. In order to image a complete need stunning hair and stunning makeup. So that nothing gets out of control, give a friend a certificate to a beauty salon. Let her massage and relaxing bath, and then nicely put makeup on and comb your hair. Such a gift will bring her a lot of fun, and if you want to share it with her, then go together.

Beautiful lingerie can make you feel a real woman. Therefore, it would be a great option to gift your best friend. Who else but you knows about her size and figure type. Choose a lingerie that will emphasize the dignity of the body and hide flaws, if any. You can present fishnet stockings, which are now at the peak of popularity.

If your best friend is partial to jewelry, boldly gave this product to her for her birthday. It is not necessary to buy expensive gold jewelry with diamonds. It is possible to do a refined silver bracelet or chain with a pendant. You can choose original jewelry, which will perfectly fit the color of the eyes of his beloved girlfriend or her evening attire.

Fashion gifts for best friend

In style accessories, such as umbrellas, gloves, belts and headbands. They have the amazing ability to change the image of women. Giving just one fashion hit of the season, you will be able not only to please and surprise his girlfriend, but is unrecognizable its image. For example, it is possible to present evening bag, made in the form of a ball or a wide belt made of leather. Don't be afraid to give things, let your friend will be on the top of fashion.

Cell phone the latest model can also be a great gift. With him your best friend is about to leave, but if you write on it with rhinestones her name, then you can be sure it will come from such a gift in delight.

If the money to buy a present there, do something with his hands (photo album, a bracelet made of beads, postcard and so on). Any thing made with love, will be enthusiastically welcomed by your best friend.

Advice 4: What can you give a pregnant woman for birthday

To choose the right gift for pregnant woman, it is worth remembering yourself in this "interesting" position or try to take the place of future moms. It must be remembered that women in this period become very sensitive, sensitive and sentimental, so the choice of gifts should be treated with a soul.
What can you give a pregnant woman for birthday
During pregnancy changing not only the appearance of women, but her views and preferences, so choose a gift for her birthday becomes difficult. In addition, during this period, many women are superstitious and do not like to make surprises intended future baby.

If you can't decide what to give the birthday girl, tactfully ask her what kind of purchase it has long going to do, but so far it is not decided. On the other hand, you can choose a gift, focusing on your taste, as long as it belonged to one of the following categories.

Gifts for the soul

It can be Souvenirs, toys, sets for creativity, associated with future moms hobby: drawing, embroidery, beading, flower arrangement. A great gift would be an interesting book about the mother and the baby, preparation for childbirth, childbirth alone or in non-standard conditions, for example, in the water. Many women welcome pregnancy diary where you can record all the feelings about the waiting period remains. All this can be purchased at the bookstore.

They say that pregnant women should listen to nice music which also perceives and baby. So to cheer up the expectant mother will approach music collection on disk. There are special "music for pregnancy", consisting mainly of classic compositions.

Now it has become fashionable to do memory photos, when already noticeable rounded belly. It's a great way to pleasantly and usefully spend time, so the future mom will definitely be happy with the certificate for professional photography.

Useful gifts

Pregnant is by the way donated small household appliances, the purchase of which is often not enough time. That it will be useful in the house, no doubt. This can be a pressure cooker or a blender to make it easy to prepare yourself and your child, juicer, as fresh juice is very useful radio nanny or an electronic scale for the future baby.

Many women "in position", I would like to have in your wardrobe linens and clothes for pregnant women, but not everyone is willing to spend good money on their purchase. So a good gift for a pregnant will be a certificate from a specialized store where she can choose a suitable dress or an elastic bandage.

Practical gifts for health

Any pregnant will be glad, if it will present a convenient device for sleep such as a pillow, headrest or cushion. The growing belly, allowing the woman to take comfortable position on the bed, but with their help it is possible to make the stay
more comfortable. And later, when the baby gets here, they are also useful, for example, during breast-feeding.

Those women who are accustomed to an active lifestyle, and is currently preparing to leave, useful paid in the next couple of months pass for Aqua aerobics, fitness or yoga for pregnant. These classes improve health and mother and child.

Advice 5: What book can give

The trend recently was to do a holiday gift book. Usually on the eve of holidays, sale of bookstores doubled. Choosing a book for a person, you must consider the age and gender, likes and interests.
What book can give

Classical works

Domestic and foreign classics can come to a representative of any gender and age. After all, the classic combines such famous writers as Bulgakov, Agatha Christie, Henry, brothers Strugatsky and many other great authors. The works of Jerome and taffy will be able to cheer up a dull winter evening. Pleasant for vacation reading can be a collection of classic detective stories. Forced to forget any troubles fantastic works of the masters of this genre. For women who like soap operas can approach a romantic Remark or Marquez's prose. Men are advised to present Wilde, Garido, Trisara and Hemingway. For those who prefer a beautiful plot twists, and the style of writing, choice would be the works of Murakami and Eco.

Books of modern literature

The choice in this style is extremely diverse. A good gift for those who like to spend reading time on public transport, may be the last edition of ironic detectives. Lovers of adventure and giddy storylines can please novels in the fantasy genre, of which there are presently quite a lot. For fans of vampire stories nice gift would be a book on the film "Saga. Twilight." But for real men it is better to choose a famous work of Chuck Polanika "Fight club". This book will be a favorite for all brutal men who are still able to understand the printed letters. New novels Beigbeder will satisfy all the creative and advanced individuals. For party people it is better to choose Minaev. And readers with discriminating taste, you need to give the novels of Victor Pelevin. Modern girls prefer Ulitskaya and Rubina. Today's printing products far ahead of their nondescript predecessors. And an interesting book in the Deluxe edition, an elegant and pleasant gift.

Children's works

Selection of children's literature is also very diverse. Here are the collections of fairy tales with gorgeous illustrations by the brothers Andresen, funny poems Barto for the kids, magnificent fantastic works of Lindgren and Jansson for older kids. For those who already have 12 years, will come to books by such authors as K. bulichev, Krapivin V. And L. bussenard's But Teens will like the adventures of the three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas and the romantic story of the green A.

Advice 6: What to give to your best friend

If you are familiar with his girlfriend of many years, you probably know all of her tastes. So confidently choose the gift that she will love. And the main criterion in choosing a gift for your best friend is not the amount of money left on the counter of the store, and the shining eyes of your girlfriend.
What to give to your best friend
Give your best friend a master class on one of the types of needlework. Silk painting, decoupage, felting, making jewellery - this is not a complete list of what is offered by different agencies for the holidays or hobby centers. Whichever technique you choose for your girlfriend, she will receive a gift and knowledge, and thing make with your own hands. And it is possible that this will be the first step on the road to a great hobby in life is your girlfriend.
Handmade gifts in textile technology deserve special attention. The range of products made by masters of decorative-applied art, is enormous. For girlfriend, you can choose a bag, makeup bag, wallet, Notepad, textile decoration a wide variety of styles and colors. Unique and high-quality item can be purchased on various sites that sell works of masters-craftsmen, exhibitions of decorative art and in stores. And you can give a couple of things in the same style. For example, to choose for best friend gift bag and cosmetic bag. The main thing is to do it in advance to get to the desired date.
Your friend has lots of decorations? So they always were in order, give her the accessories to store them. This may be the original clothes or box. The box - very easy to use. For each decoration has its own Department. Bracelets, rings, pendants always easy to find. Maybe the gift will be a panel with the special mounts for jewelry. Very comfortable and interior decorate, and bring benefit.
Silk handkerchiefs and scarves expensive, but delicious. Natural silk will last a long time, will keep in hot weather and will add charm to the wardrobe. It's the classic things that I love and wear with pleasure. Among the colors and patterns of these textile accessories, you can always find one that will suit the tastes of your friend. And the taste you are aware - no wonder you're together for so many years. By the way, a scarf can make a wonderful decoration, having passed through the two ends of the scarf ring or attached textile flower.
The book was, is and will be one of the most wonderful gifts. For every taste you can find a good gift an instance that will delight your best friend for many years and be reminded of your friendship.
Useful advice
Choosing a gift for a best friend, consider her Hobbies. If she loves to cook, give her a book on cooking. If you travel a good notebook on the journey, a photo album, a travel cosmetic bag.

Advice 7: What to give girlfriend for birthday

Pick up a favorite friend a gift - not an easy task, even if that friendship lasts for several years. Every year more and more effort and imagination it takes to find something truly memorable, original and useful.
What to give girlfriend for birthday

Gift friend taking into account her personality and personal interests

Note, of course, need all possible factors, from personality, lifestyle, favorite Hobbies to friends. Perhaps walking with you to the shops, a friend casually voiced their desires to purchase any thing, but yet due to certain reason it can't do. This situation will allow you to accurately hit the target, to give the opportunity to present do the right thing.

Knowing the favorite hobby of a friend, you can give her those items associated with this hobby. If she enjoys needlework develops or ski, then buy the relevant goods in a specialty store.

Maybe she likes a certain perfume or a beautiful lingerie manufactured by a certain firm. Then this is the perfect opportunity to give her a certificate to buy products of their favourite brand, which will allow to exclude a mistake with the choice of clothing size or flavor. The possibility of a gift certificate is always a very interesting option. This allows you to please even the most demanding woman, because in fact the right thing for yourself it chooses itself.

You can also give a certificate for a parachute jump, hot air balloon rides and much more. Perhaps this is what had long dreamed your girlfriend, but still can not decide. However, it is better to refrain from such a gift, if there is no absolute certainty that she like extreme sports.

Other gift options friend

Gifts related to beauty and care of the body, many girls and women like. A set of good cosmetics, beautiful decorations and all kinds of jewelry - here are the options for gift this fashionista.

If your friend enthusiastically engaged in the house, loves to cook, she can be fun different kind of dishes, baking tins, books with recipes.

Has long been considered that the best gift is a book. If a friend loves to read, enough to figure out the works of some author or genre, she prefers to give a really good gift. Gift collection from your favourite author will not only read with pleasure, but also will look great on the bookshelf.

If none of these options does not suit you and would like to choose something very unusual in this matter can help online shops offering interesting gifts, original design and functionality. Unusual hours, a variety of frames and covers on funny pictures would be a great gift option for a friend.

But it is worth remembering that no gift, despite its high cost and originality, will not bring true pleasure to its recipient unless it is donated from the heart.

Advice 8: What do you get for a friend's birthday

To the gift selection people take very seriously, because in front of them the goal is: to please the birthday boy and leave him something to remember about the strong friendship.
What do you get for a friend's birthday
To choose a good gift for a friend – it's an art. Especially if you've been friends for a long time, because in this case, the majority of creative ideas have long been implemented. However, this does not mean that the selection is small, because there are a lot of beautiful and useful things that your girlfriend will certainly appreciate. But some of the ideas that you can implement repeatedly, for example, give books. Consider the most basic gift ideas that are close to each girl.

Jewelry and costume jewelry at a friend's birthday

Every girl loves jewelry. Rings, bracelets, earrings – all essential friends of the young beauties and Mature ladies. If you know the size of the finger of his girlfriend, feel free to go to the store and buy a ring. Especially nice decoration with stones. Here you can find not only beautiful but also useful gift, if you know which stone is the talisman your girlfriend.

Of course, not everyone can afford diamond-studded ring as a gift, but this is not required. You can buy high-quality jewelry and gift happy, try to choose jewelry in fashion trends. For example, now fashion rings with big stones or loose stones. Large bangles and oversized necklaces, as if transporting you to the era of hippies, too, in a fashion not the first year.
However, it is important not to overdo it, remember the tastes of friends and the style of her clothes, after all, the decoration should be suitable for her.

The cosmetics and personal skin care

Beautiful and nice smelling bottles – the dream of every girl. How do you choose something you like friend? It is best to directly ask her makeup which she enjoys, and already on the basis of going to choose a gift.

If your friend prefers different brands, the situation becomes even simpler. Knowing the color of her hair and eyes, you can pick up her favourite shade or a suitable lipstick. When choosing must take into account not only the color type of your friend, but its a personal preference. To certainly not make a mistake, it is possible to give a universal set of cosmetics, including eye shadow and pencils of different colors.
In addition, you have an opportunity to purchase a gift certificate to any store cosmetics and perfumes, then your friend can choose something that will have her taste.

In any case, the choice is yours. Your love and affection to the friend will tell you what exactly to get her. Surely you know about her secret dreams, perhaps recently she is in your presence was looking at the ring in the window or on a beautiful bottle of perfume. Whichever gift you choose, the main thing is attention and warmth that you share with a friend.

Advice 9: What to give a friend for 13 years

13 years old - the age when a beautiful girl begins to realize itself on the girl. Of course, this situation requires a special relationship to the selection of a present for a birthday. Deciding what to give to a friend, it will not hurt to be a certain amount of imagination to surprise and please the birthday girl.
What to give a friend for 13 years

The choice of gift to a friend for 13 years: where to start

So you could think better, it is advisable to make a list of the various gifts that come to mind. You can then sit down and carefully weigh. First of all, you should decide what exactly you want to present a present: a fashionable or cool, a souvenir or useful to use the thing, etc.

It is also worth to determine the wallet, you can afford to devote to a gift. Sometimes this significantly narrows the estimated range of choice. Well, then, you can adopt helpful tips, be inspired and choose the best gift for your girlfriend.

What would be a gift to a friend for 13 years

It is believed that in every girl lives a Princess. As shown by the legends, all the royals love their own portraits. Picture, hand-drawn, filled using the technique of pyrography on wood, will surely occupy a worthy place in the Treasury of the birthday girl.

If you want to give a gift from the category of jokes, you can give a home planetarium, a giant Lollipop, a t-shirt or a mug with a photo of your friend, funny Slippers, the original clock or lamp, bag with a bright and stylish print on the diploma with the words "best friend", a cool medal, interesting set, creative USB flash drive, beautiful or large size candle.

In that case, if the gift needs to be romantic, you can give to a friend for 13 years lots of balloons, perfume, soft toy, music box or the original set of pins every day to create the most different and interesting hairstyles. In addition, you can give the birthday girl jewelry (earrings, ring, pendant, bracelet, chain), with Swarovski crystals or delicate figurine.

The gift of a friend 13 years may be just a necessary thing. Well, if such a gift would be "with a twist": a scarf with ethnic ornament, electric toothbrush, stylish pendant for mobile phone, elegant wallet, a book (with the tastes of the birthday girl) with nice cover, fashionable set of youth cosmetics.

A creative person can give for a birthday set for interior decoration, "the Express sculptor", a certificate for a master class in painting or Chinese calligraphy, etc.

A practical gift would be a ticket to the cinema or a disco, an MP3 player, a certificate for purchase in the store, the beautician.

You can bring a friend for 13 years all you want, but don't forget the most important thing is to give gifts you need with the tastes of the birthday girl and soul.
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