Dr. nogteve

Diseases of the nails deals with doctor-mycologist who, first and foremost, is a good dermatologist that can diagnose all skin diseases. Among the most common diseases of the nails is the fungus, or athlete's foot – a contagious disease that a person receives from another person. To pick up fungal growth is possible in the sauna, pool, bath, saloon and other public areas. Also, it often occurs in people who constantly wear warm and tight shoes.

According to statistical studies, fungal infection of the nails suffers, nearly a quarter of modern humanity.

Symptoms of athlete's foot is a thickening, stratification and the subsequent crumbling of the nail plate with discoloration. If not take it to a mycologist, the disease will become chronic, and to get rid of it will be very difficult. Moreover, chronic fungus provokes further its penetration into the body. For the treatment of mycosis primarily require inspection by a qualified mycologist and study in the laboratory of the affected material.

Treatment of nail fungus

Identifying the causative agent, the doctor-mycologist will appoint modern antimycotic means, painless treatment of patients with nail apparatus for medical pedicure, hardware or immunomodulirutaya laser therapy. In addition, fungal nail may require removal for medical reasons. Fear is not worth it – the removal process is painless, and the mycologist will designate a catalytic treatment and supervision by a physician until complete regrowth of a healthy nail plate.

A strong immune system alone can cope with the fungus, halting its development at the earliest stages, so it should be strengthened.

To avoid fungus infection, you should avoid specific factors that trigger its development. It is not necessary to wear uncomfortable and low quality shoes made from synthetic material. Legs should not be constantly warm and humid environment, whether it be wet shoes or sweaty socks. Injuries and various urgent stop cracked healsb, without waiting for the penetration of fungal infection. Also the risk of Contracting athlete's foot increases in such diseases as diabetes, varicose veins, occlusive disease and Raynaud's disease.