What is pride?

The pride girls is predetermined by the reaction, which is a result of the injuries caused. Some experts emphasize that girls and women need to be proud, but only within acceptable limits. That is, if you claim to be a proud person, on offense you have to react firmly, not to show weakness and not to go himself to reconciliation with the offender. There is also another kind of pride, which is determined by the kind of pathology.

Relationship with a proud girl

Of course the fact that in most cases, proud girls suffer from loneliness. Because of this traits, they may lack a personal life and love, but it is quality and does not give them the opportunity to change anything in their existence. A girl always lives according to the principles, one of them is a rule stating that she does not need to call the first man. Even if she's really bored, and she wants so much to see and hear a guy, she in no case do not remind him of himself. Most likely, the proud girl will suffer in the expectation that he will sooner or later call her. It should be noted that not all men are clear that girls can be principles. Guys tend to think that women they just do not need, if they don't call or write.

People long ago believe that men are the hunters who are trying to achieve and to seduce those women who show their coldness in a relationship with them. However, this is very misleading. In fact, men do not like when they want to read about what you should do or what a woman wants, whether she responds to them in return. In those cases, when a man sees a reaction, he did not will to take in order to conquer a girl. For most it will be easier to find a passion that will not hide behind your pride, but rather to show the man that he loved.

The usually proud girl set very high standards for their partners. Most often they do not need relationships with regular guys. These ladies definitely needed a Prince, and they are willing to wait for it. However, they do not think that waiting for her Prince, they age. That is why the proud the girls are very hard to establish a personal life and an excessive fear that they may break up with her man, prevents them from having a strong relationship.