If you are accused of arrogant attitude towards others, analyze their behavior in different situations, think that they can be frustrating. Remember that the more arrogantly you treat people, the more you push them away.
Often put themselves in the shoes of people who have to communicate with you. Try to understand what they feel when you are interrupted, "cut" and demonstrate their superiority.
Think about the reason of your arrogance. Are you afraid to commit any mistake? Believe they deserve better treatment? I believe that other people are worse than you, as you have learned, improved, worked at that time, as many did not aspire to the best? You should understand that all of your merit and dignity is largely dependent on other people. For example, your parents, good school teachers, from friends, acquaintances, and finally from books that were written many intelligent authors.
Don't compare yourself with others, because if you do, then come to the conclusion that someone in a particular situation – you or other people – better or worse. Actually there is no best or worst. All different. Try to learn to accept and love people with all their shortcomings, such as they are. Find and learn to see in every man something good.
If you have the opportunity to praise the person for something good, do not miss it. After all, so you do something nice for him and improve his attitude towards you. If the same person says or does something, in your opinion, is awkward, try to point out to him that in a mild form. Per person, which I can't find anything good, are seen as "negative" teacher, thanks to which you can improve.
Try to monitor your facial expression. It does not have to read the signs of insolence – contemptuously pursed lips, smile with an ironic squint eyes, etc. Instead, learn to genuinely smile at people. Do it in front of the mirror, remembering some pleasant moments in his life. Smile friends, work colleagues, random passengers. Of course, the smile should be easy, kind, welcoming and not considered as a smile.
When you communicate with people, try not to impose their opinions, even if you see that they are wrong. Listen to their point of view and try to reasonably explain to them that things could be like they think, but maybe another solution.
Learn to forgive mistakes of people. It's not easy, but necessary if you don't want to look arrogant. In that case, if you are unjustly wronged person, be sure to apologize, but do it from the heart.
Don't be afraid to admit that you don't know something. Just simply impossible to know. Find professionals who can help, don't hesitate to ask advice from competent people.
Treat life philosophically. In every person and in every circumstance we can find something to learn, to learn something new and enrich their own worldview.