You will need
  • - purse in system "Yandex.Money";
  • - the amount for payment;
  • - the account number of the recipient or his e-mail "Yandex" (not in all cases).
To find the desired resource in two ways. The first is to log into the system "Yandex.Money", follow the link and use catalog search. Various goods and services in it related to the relevant thematic groups.The user is required to go to the desired section, select the desired resource and make the payment. In the payment form enter a user ID from his interest of the seller (such as a contract with Internet service provider (ISP) and payment amount. The system then requests a payment password, and after correct entry of the debits money from the account.
Another method of search is through the online store (as conventionally as such can be called any website accepting payment on the network). Information about possible ways of payment are normally present on the main page of each such resource or in the section dedicated to payment methods.When ordering a website sooner or later prompts you to select a form of payment. At this stage it is necessary to give preference to "Yandex.Money", noting this option is ticked or clicking on it with the mouse.Then the site asks you to log into the payment system and before sending money to enter the payment password.
Widely practiced (although not formally approved by the rules "Yandex.Money") transactions made through the system between private users. For example, payment by the customer of the work performed for him by the freelancer. In this case the contractor informs the account number in the system, and the customer gives it the agreed amount from your electronic purse.To transfer you need to log into the system, follow the link "Translate" and enter the recipient's account number or the address of his e-mail "Yandex", the payment amount and payment password.