You will need
  • account
Go to the page of In the left part of the browser window, enter your username and password that you provided when registering for the service. If you have lost or forgotten your password, click "Remember password". E-mail address will receive a message stating the link to recover your account. If you have not registered for the service, do so by clicking the link "Register". You will be prompted to enter some information after which the account will be opened.
At the top of the window, under the heading "money" click the link "Pay", which will redirect you to a menu select the desired section. In the left part of the window select "Mobile communications".
In the opened window enter the number of your phone. The number "8" is no need to specify start filling with the second digit. Indicate the amount you need to transfer to the account of the mobile.
Select a wallet that has sufficient funds to replenish the balance. Click the button "donate" on the left side of the window. Then you will be asked to confirm the payment. If everything is correct, press "Pay".
Further will be shown the payment receipt, which will indicate that the money transferred to the account of a mobile phone.