Advice 1: Why not spinning the fan in the power supply

Cooling of the power supply is an important feature. Overheating impossible stable operation of the computer. There is a possibility of sudden shutdown and loss of necessary data. To prevent such situations, you must closely monitor the work of the cooling fan and in time to eliminate the causes of failures. For quality service you can contact the service center where their services can guarantee a qualified specialist only.
The power supply fan
The fan in the computer power supply is for the cooling system, prevents overheating of its elements and possible failure of the computer. Each part has its own life, i.e. your life, and eventually, when you turn on your personal computer, you can hear only silence. This means that the fan stopped spinning. This can happen for a number of reasons.

The main types of failures of the cooling fan power supply include: contamination, foreign object, grease, mechanical failure, power supply wire.


The most common reason for stopping the fan is mechanical pollution. In the system unit continuously pumped the air and dust contained in it, over time settles on the elements of the fan.
The system unit includes all the primary devices of reception, transmission, processing and storage of information.

In the end, it becomes so much that it prevents the rotation of the blades. The easiest way to remove dust is to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner tube to the opening of the air intake. However, such cleaning will help for a while. Better to disassemble the computer and clean the blades and other components, removing mechanical impurities.

Foreign object

In spite of that filters into the opening of the air intake can get a small object – a paper clip, pieces of broken pens, coins, screws. The cause can be ascertained and resolved only after disassembling the system unit. In addition to simple to stop the unit foreign object may lead to breakage, which is the next reason for failure.


Fan, like any mechanism in need of lubrication. Over time it needs to be updated. Without lubrication the bearings overheat and do not provide sufficient speed. Prevention is the grease on the mechanisms of the fan.
As a lubricant for bearings of the fan use a synthetic engine oil.

Mechanical failure

Mechanical failure may occur due to hitting a foreign object or if the fan is defective or old and worn out. Any material has its own life and dynamic load changes shape or breaks. Why any fan may eventually form a crack or bent blades. In this case, will only replace.

The power cord

Often when the computer moves due to the shake or for self-disassembly of system unit can move away from the contact wire feeding the fan. So that it stops working from lack of power. In this case, help visual inspection of the fan wiring.

Advice 2: Why the fan does not work

Fan, like any other electrical device, may suddenly stop spinning. Particularly annoying is if it happens in hot weather. Why staying a fan?
Why the fan does not work
Most often, the fans stop because of drying out of lubrication. A symptom of this is a tight rotation of the blades. To check it manually only when the fan is unplugged. To lubricate the fan (of course, also disconnected from the network), and remove the back cover and the impeller. The oil can take, pour in a few drops of machine oil, then lubricate both bearings of the engine. Put on the impeller and start rotating it until you feel that she stopped seizing. Now attach the protective grille and allow the fanto work. Gradually he attains that speed which is designed.
Another fan malfunction is the failure of the engine. If there are shorted turns, it will overheat, and if it breaks - just won't run. To buy the engine separately is impossible, so remove it from the other machine of the same design, in which the motor is OK, but permanently damaged anything else, such as housing. Produce a permutation when de-energized the fans, and all of the wires connect the same as it was in the original. The new engine is well secure.
Fans often fail because of burning of the switch contacts. This fan also disconnect from the network, carefully disassemble the switch, clean and bend the contacts, then reassemble and check.
The fan that was disconnected from the wall outlet, not for pulling the plug, the cord can stop working due to breakage of conductors inside the plug. Then take it out from the socket, and then replace the other one that has a folding design. Never pull when you disconnect the unit from the mains with the cord instead of the plug.
In most household fan motors are used with magnetic shunts and any capacitors are missing. But in some models, they still may be present. Such a device is de-energized, first of all, discharge the capacitor through at least a screwdriver, holding it for a well-insulated handle. Then proceed with the repair.
Never work under stress.

Advice 3: How to make spinning cooler

Inside the system unit of a computer equipped with special fans. Their primary purpose – provision of cooling devices are important. The failure of one of coolers can result in the overheating of several PC elements.
How to make spinning cooler
You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - silicone grease;
  • - tweezers.
If you notice that one of the coolers stopped working, first check the cause of the problem. Open the BIOS menu and make sure that for Fan Control is not set to Disabled. If the cooling function is active, turn off the computer and open the system unit. Find out whether you have connected the power cable of the cooler. Usually fans get the necessary electricity through the contacts on the motherboard or device to which they are connected.
Try to connect the cooler cable to the other connector. Turn on the computer and check the functionality of the fan. Try to turn the blades of the cooler. Sometimes the disconnect device is the presence of large amounts of dust. If the fan is not spinning, then again power off your PC. Unplug the fan and remove the device. Usually this requires you to Unscrew a few screws or special clips.
Remove the sticker from the fan and drip some lube into the open hole. Move the fan blades to allow the lubricant to be distributed along the axis. After that, the blades should rotate freely.
If the sticker you find the plug, remove it from the slot and carefully remove the snap ring. Remove the blade off the shaft and clean both with a dry cloth. Lubricate the axis of rotation and assemble the fan.
Connect the device to the system Board and install it in place. Turn on the computer and make sure that the fan is working properly. If none of these methods helped to restore the efficiency of the cooler, replace the device.
Do not use the computer with the faulty fans. This will lead to overheating and damage to important devices.
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