What to do for headache

Causes of pain in the head a lot – stress, fatigue, overexertion, unfavorable ecological situation, migraine headaches, meteosensitivity. If you have a headache hard and often, it is necessary as soon as possible to go to the doctor. You need to undergo examination and tests to exclude serious diagnosis and treatment.

If the headache is not so often, but you never worried, you should get some fresh air, to walk for an hour or two and saturate the body with oxygen. Often a headache is just this. And the room for the period of walks to open the window wide open for ventilation.

You should try to avoid noise, sharp and strong odors, cold or on the contrary excessively warm areas. As often as possible to be alone and sit in a comfortable position, closing his eyes. You can also take a relaxing bath with aromatic oils, but the water should be warm and comfortable for the body.

The light in the room should not be bright and "cutting" of the eye. Being on the street, you need to wear eye sunglasses on his head - a hat if it's cold or a sun hat if hot.

Headaches can also contribute to the new and unusual food. You should try to rule it out. Or, if the food was spoiled, need to take drugs sorbent for removing toxic substances from the body.

If sleep and wakefulness disturbed, it may also be the cause of recurring headaches. Lack of sleep or too much sleep should be balanced, to avoid sudden changes. Also pay attention on the mattress, perhaps he is uncomfortable and should be replaced. The pillow is also very important, the most appropriate in this case, it will be a bed of buckwheat husks. It follows the contours of the body and relieves muscle tension in the neck.

Working on the computer, it is often necessary to get up and do small exercises for the back and neck. Cause headaches can also be a low back pain. In this case it is possible to make a prophylactic massage.

Definitely need to do physical exercises – swimming pool, yoga or running should be companions and helpers in the fight against headache. Physical activity helps to normalize all processes in the body are derived toxins, quickens the circulation, and thereby the organs are supplied with nutrients and oxygen much faster.

You need to follow a proper diet – eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cereals, drink lots of water. This is a guarantee that headaches will recede forever.

What medication to take for headache

If headache is intolerable, you should take your medicine – a pill or syrup. The most common painkillers today are – paracetamol, analgin, tsitramon, ibuprofen. But they need to drink with caution, taking into account all contra-indications, and infrequently, as many medications can be addictive.