Most importantly – lose weight gradually. Of course you want to quickly get rid of fat, but do not forget that when you fat, your skin is slowly stretched and took a new form. Slowly it should decrease. The best would be the loss of 2-3 kg per month. But and the pounds will go forever and the skin arabnet.
The second rule is eat balanced meals. Any mono deprive the skin including important nutrients and elements. If you quickly lose weight new diet you first lose water, while the water balance of the skin, reduced elasticity. If you are on a juice fast – drink plenty of water. She removes toxins and supports the moisture balance of the skin.
The skin have to be hardened. When you take a shower, RUB the body hard sponge. Take in the shower and contrast shower – 30 seconds under cold water 30 seconds under hot. Repeat a few times.
Don't forget to clean the skin. Peeling once or twice a week is welcome. Combine that with the subsequent string massage of the abdomen, thighs, and so on.
Use special firming cream. They smooth the skin and remove stretch marks and stimulate skin renewal.
And the last one. Work out. Let it will become your indispensable companion for life.