The reasons for saggy skin on stomach can be quite a lot - and postnatal effects, and the result is dramatic weight loss. The main thing - not to delay, and immediately engaged her figure.
Not worth it to throw his head in the active exercise, it is best to approach them slowly and methodically to increase the intensity of exercise.
In order to help the skin recover, you should consider a program to improve circulation. With poor circulation, the cells do not receive enough signals for muscle contraction and skin, therefore in the program to tightening be sure to include massage. Make it better with special creams that contain strengthening components, for example, extracts of sea algae or essential oil citrus.
In addition to "pumping" the press is very important for you aerobic exercise, because without them even the strengthened muscles do not Express yourself and not be visible as they are hidden under a layer of fat. So, more activity every day - walking is stuffy buses a couple of flights of stairs with no lift, a workout at lunchtime at work - and soon you will feel pulled your body!
Swimming, running or dancing, choose something depending on their own preferences and alternate these classes with simulators and gym. In addition, all of the above depends on mood and stress you will be rescued. And this, incidentally, will affect the waist - after all, when experience produces a special hormone, which leads to the accumulation of body fat in the abdominal area.