You will need
  • - masking tape;
  • - Scotch;
  • glue;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - the awl.
To attach a torn page of the book, attach it to the original location. Measure the masking tape to the necessary length and apply glue. Attach the tape so that it covered not only the page but also part of the cover (it is possible that she was captured and a small part of the next page). Unfold the tape and let dry the glue. Now all pages on site.
To glue the torn page you get the tape, then the text stays readable. Cut a piece the required length and glue it whole page width, even if it is torn not completely. Do not cut the tape on the middle of the page, as over time it can slightly come off, which is why this page can stick the following. Besides, the page is fully fused, it will be much stronger unlike pasted to the end pages.
If the book is in softcover split into pages, then put all the page numbers. In the assembled stack of pages with an awl puncture 3 holes. To make it easier to make holes, use a drill. Depending on the size of the book, the number of holes can increase, for example, on the A4 it is better to do 7 holes.
Begin to sew the block of pages from the second hole after stretching the thread in one end. I then go back to the first hole, tighten the thread and tie it so the knot was on the hole. For reliability, the spine glue glue and allow to dry.
Recover in this way only those books that have a sufficiently large internal field, otherwise you might sew the part of the text.
Top glue the spine with tape. Also tape can laminate the cover. But first practice on a plain piece of paper, as, gluing the tape correctly, remove it is not possible. Take the wide tape and carefully stick the strips next to each other on the cover. Restoration is over.