Hair combs are convenient because you stab them in her hair without anyone's help. Today, these accessories are chosen for decorating the hair and Hollywood stars, the benefit of the wide range allows to find the product that best fits your style. It is known that hair combs were used not only in Russia, these products are often chosen as wedding jewelry in India, they were worn and geisha.

Comb hair in the hair

You can give preference to the classic crest with a minimal amount of decorative elements, popular vintage items and accessories with sequins, thread. The easiest way to do the hair with a comb, if your hair is long or at least medium length. Depending on the density of the hair, should buy a comb with a few teeth or frequent. Importance and length of the fixing elements.

To make the hair, using the comb design, it is necessary to form the shell of the hair at the nape, securing it with a comb and hairpins. You can leave separate strands and curl them with a Curling iron. It is desirable when styling hair to align their Ironing or to use a special tool for straightening curls.

You can freeze the comb, spreading hairs, the accessory need to pick up a few strands and fix them from one side. Unusual look hairstyle with a difficult braiding, braids are decorative combs.

Original hairstyles with ridges

Young girls will approach the idea of using two identical ridges in the hair. For this you need to divide hair by parting into two pieces and twist them into two buns, garnished with scallop.

Creative look hair combs with chains, you can find many uses for the accessory of this type. Look attractive and scallops, stylized vintage ornaments, painted in bronze color, under platinum. It is worth to buy and ridges with Flirty bows. And products with stones can be like wedding tiaras. Sophisticated accessories with pearls, lace, you need to opt for evening hairstyles.

Choose to decorate hair can be functional as scallops, and decorative. To create the look of wooden combs, metal, plastic. If you care about the state of his hair, prefer accessories made from natural materials.