The tiara ceased to be the prerogative of the bride. Today it is wearing on stage, party or birthday. So to be able to put your hair under the tiara needs every girl.

What is the uniqueness of decoration

Hairstyles with tiara are good that are almost all. No matter the shape of the head, fullness of the face, length and color hair ornament will elevate any look.

To create a harmonious image, it is necessary to lay the curls on the top of smoothly, creating a "pedestal" for a tiara. And behind to curl and style your hair beautiful soft waves. Classic hairstyle with tiara is done in accordance with Greek motifs – long neck, sleek curls at the forehead and temples.

By the way, skilled hairstyle with tiara does not need the addition of earrings and necklaces. In a pinch, you can wear a string of pearls and a neat "pinks". In addition, the tiara looks great on flowing hair, and short haircuts. But truly Royal hairstyle are considered to be high "crown".

What to consider when creating hairstyles

To elegantly stick hair under the tiara, it is necessary to consider some nuances. Basically, it's the work styles of jewelry and attire.

If you choose a simple dress without ornaments, you need to take the tiara in small size. Hair can be left loose, only slightly necessav them on the back of the head.

If you are going to wear a tiara for the day in advance to "practice" hair and walk in decorating at least a few hours. This will help to Orient not only in style but also in comfort.

Girls who wear long bangs, you must put it to one side, comb and lift hair on the top of the head and the back of her hair to wind on large rollers and stab gently flowing tresses.

Very often, hairdressers erect on her head a crown of braids, beautiful oplata them the tiara. You can leave a few KOs not one of them said. This hairstyle looks a winner on the long hair below the shoulder blades.

If you don't wear bangs, you need to separate the crown section of hair, dividing them into the front side parting. Then curl two curl and beautiful place at the temples covering their ears.

Fully open the appropriate forehead in the hair under the tiara only at high bouffant or big crown of braids on the crown.

Wearing a tiara for short hair, more luxuriant hair, lifting them at the roots. At extremely short hair it is better to replace the tiara wreath.

The tiara in her hair can be replaced with a metal head wrap, with which there are different variations.