Studs very good because they can hold locks even shoulder-length. In addition, the device, unlike rubber bands and Bobby pins-clips, does not damage hair. Popular Actresses have luxurious hair, used to fasten the hair pins.
The most popular hairstyle is the classic beam with pins. Depending on the woman's taste and the shape of its head, it can be done low, right near the neck, or higher up in the back of his head. For starters, you need to comb hair and do not tie a tight ponytail at the desired level. Then twist the hair bundle wrapped around the axis to hide the rubber band. To give the hair vitality it is possible to produce several thin strands.
Women often wondering how to stick hair pins, looking for a hair style without the use of rubber bands. To make such styling just. It is necessary to divide the entire mass of hair into 5-6 equal strands, each of which is then twisted into tight coils resembling a loop, and secured with hairpins and invisible. If your hair is very thick, you can do more "flagella" - 8-10.
Divide the hair into two unequal parts, from ear to ear, leaving the back of the head more hair. The parietal part of the divide into a side parting. To build the beautiful beam with pins, build a tight high ponytail at the nape. Twisting curls loosely plait around the base of the tail, turn the rest of the hair loop to which the rest of the thread tip. Secure the hairstyle with Bobby pins. Of the two strands of hair remaining on the sides, form beautiful waves, fixing them with Bobby pins and hide the ends under the bun.
Looking for a hair styles with spikes, look how elegantly simple "bun" shaped like a doughnut. For its formation it is necessary to smoothly comb your hair and tie a ponytail at the level you want. next you should insert your finger into the center of the gum to hair evenly dropped the "fountain" from all sides. Tighten the hair around the base of the tail popryadno, keeping in the center of the "bun" hole. In the end, all ends should be hidden to the bottom of the beam.
The easiest way to understand how to stick hair pins to owners of wavy curls. For those who have straight hair, you should curl them. Looks great, the hair gathered loosely in a ponytail at the nape of hair. The ends of the curls are fixed in random order to make the hair lay nice waves, and the parietal part of the head is decorated with two hoops between which should be spaced 5 see This hairstyle strongly reminiscent of the styling, popular in Ancient Greece.