Almost a vicious circle

Only strengthened their positions headbands and armbands. This season became the leader of the minimalist style. Fabric accessories and neutral tones are perfectly combined with any outfit. Perhaps in this lies the secret of their popularity.


Incredibly soft and elegant look of the ribbon. And this season they are not inferior to their positions. The key components of steel pearls, massive stones and metal elements and leather.

Only natural

Especially popular are leather and suede. These accessories fit perfectly with any outfit.


Cute and playful look bows. This is a great choice for real coquettes.

And again rhinestones

Not inferior to their positions and these shiny stones. And pins them in bulk, as well as various metallic elements in vintage style, do not get tired to please their owners.

A blast from the past

And again in the fashion Olympus unchanged seventies. In fashion accessories they appeared handkerchiefs and scarves. And the nodes of interest only will add style and coquetry.

And again the flowers

Do not concede their position and floral motifs. Such decorations will be a real highlight of the image. Will add softness and sophistication.

And have you seen this?

Not out of fashion and the small details invisible, or rather their intricate designs.


Unusual accessories are also in fashion. Most importantly – imagination. The clips with the interesting shapes are always welcome.

Concise and to the point

This is a great option for ladies who are tired of the excessive brilliance of the stones and crystals. Sleek accessories with no frills would be a great option for them.