Classic cake consists of several layers, fluff cream and drizzled with frosting or cream. Traditionally all the layers for one cake made from the same dough. It can be a biscuit, wafers, puff, sand, honey, protein batter. Cakes you can buy in the store, but much tastier homemade, self-cooked layers of dough. Biscuit dough is one of the most simple and delicious for cooking does not need to be an experienced pastry, carefully follow the recipe, although many Housewives think it too cranky and prefer to bake shortcake, they always be able to fame, although are more fat.

How to cook sponge cakes for the cake?

The Foundation of any biscuit – beaten eggs with sugar. For one cake standard size, you will need five eggs and a Cup of sugar. It is advisable to take fresh, homemade eggs, so the cake will be more lush and fragrant. Definitely need a good power mixer – whisk and other attachments it is very difficult to scramble the eggs to desired consistency.

Prepare a glass of sugar. Refrigerate eggs in the fridge if they are stored at room temperature. Break them into a bowl and start whisking with a mixer, first putting a small speed. Gradually increase the speed to a yellowish mass has become homogeneous and white. When the egg begins to increase in volume, start adding the sugar gradually, continuing to whisk. Optionally, you can add vanilla or vanilla sugar.

This whole procedure may take up to 20 to 40 minutes, the longer you whisk, the more voluminous it turns out the mass.

Take a Cup of flour and gently stir in to the bowl, gently stirring with a spoon the mixture. If you stir the mass with a spoon, then you need to do it quickly, until there is no lumps. You can use the mixer, but when baking in this case, the surface of the biscuit will appear icing.

Pour the mixture into the baking dish and place it in a preheated 180 ° C oven. Preferably the first fifteen minutes not to look in the oven to cake is not rising "fell". After half an hour you can check the dough with a toothpick – when taken out of the biscuit she needs to stay dry. Ready cake cut neatly into three or four layers depending on its thickness.

Shortcake cake

Shortcake is prepared even easier and faster. They would need 300 grams of butter – never margarine, to taste it will be no different, but it is a very harmful product. Softened butter cut into small pieces, mix with three cups of flour and Cup of sugar, add two eggs and knead the dough – it should be slightly oily, but uniform and crumbly.

You can add in the dough vanilla and soda, repaid lemon juice.

Shortbread dough, unlike cake, is baked in thin cakes, which are pierced with a toothpick in several places. Since the dough contains a lot of oil, the pan can not be lubricated. The baking temperature is about 200oC.