You will need
  • salt, baking soda, foil, vinegar, ammonia, toothpaste
The easiest way to clean silver is ammonia. Decoration or clear the subject drop for a few minutes in a solution of ammonia. Then the usual toothpaste and an old brush to manually scrape away the toughest stains. As a result, the metal will Shine like new. However, this method has a significant drawback. Mechanical cleaning with toothpaste or detergent may leave on the product micro-scratches, which later will hide more dirt.
For gentle cleansing silver items you can purchase special cleaning solutions. Usually they are sold in jewelry stores in the departments of silver jewellery. Well-proven in this regard, detergents from Germany. The use of these funds will not have the power to scour the thing from stains, simply put it in the solution and soaking for a while. This detergent can be washed as the product of pure metal and precious stones. Damage to jewelry will not be any, moreover, after drying the cleaning solution creates a thin film on the subject, which will protect it for a while from darkening.
For silverware (Cutlery) are good old ways to clean with vinegar and salt. Items need to be put in a saucepan with a solution of salt and vinegar and boil.
If the product is very dirty and covered with stains at home you can use the following efficient method. On the bottom of the pan or enameled bowl put the metal foil, sprinkle on one tablespoon salt and one tablespoon of baking soda. Pour all the boiling water and put into the resulting solution darkened silver for a few minutes. Dark patina with silver items will go to the foil. Once that happens, things should immediately pull out, rinse with clean water and dry.
If you are the proud owner of old silver jewelry that requires special attention and careful attitude, when cleaning is necessary it is better to give a professional jeweler. A specialist will be able to remove stained plaque gently without damaging the surface of the object. And you don't have to worry about possible scratches or sudden stains.