A purse is not just a convenient accessory for keeping money. Many believe that the wallet is also a powerful charm that attracts wealth. According to common signs, the purse should choose, focusing on a specific color scheme. Since ancient times people believe in the magical power of colors: some shades can attract wealth in human life, while others, on the contrary, to push him away.

Favorable colors

There are traditional in the conventional sense of color, contributing to the accumulation of "money" energy. The most popular Association with wealth and prosperity - this is the sound of gold coins. It is easy to guess that the most favorable energy storage material prosperity are all shades of gold, yellow, and beige. If you don't want to buy too bright and flashy purse Golden color, stay neutral model with an ochre tint. Also appropriate purses warm yellow tones, beige, brown, mustard.
When choosing a new purse, be guided by your own feelings. If the purse is causing your positive emotions and pleases the eye, feel free to buy it, even if the color gamut can not be called standard.

Fans of classic conservative style in the accessories you can choose the purse traditional black or brown. These shades are the colors of the earth, they symbolize the fertile soil. A good option would be a soft shade of forest green.

Powerful money talisman is considered a women's wallet, red. Red is the color of prosperity and vitality, it symbolizes blood, fire, activity. It is believed that the red purse money will multiply without difficulty.
The material of the wallet also plays an important role. It is best to pay attention to the models of genuine leather. Too cheap leatherette unlikely to attract the money in your pocket.

What colors should I avoid?

If the colors of the fire element is able to attract the money, the element of water scares them. It is believed that along with the fluid and unstable water like funneling money from the purse of its owner, so you should avoid purses with all the different shades of blue, turquoise, Aqua. The only exception is silver tone. Despite the fact that the silver color refers to the cold colors, it is favorable for the accumulation of wealth, as it gives birth to associations with precious silver coins.