The purse must be quite expensive. Here, the law of attraction similar. The cheap wallet will never be big money.

What house would you like to come? Most likely, clean and beautiful. So is the money going to avoid the old worn-out wallets.

So, prepare worthy dwelling place for large amounts or just a paycheck. Departments, like rooms, should be several – for large and small bills and coins.

Better if the purse is made from natural materials (leather, suede etc.), as synthetic blocks the access of energy and, hence, wealth.

The purse color is also very important.

Wealth symbolize the shades of wood, earth and metal: brown, yellow, Golden, green.

The red color is undesirable. since it belongs to the element fire, which destroys the wood and metal. Paper bills are a symbol of wood, and coins – metal.

The size of the purse must be at least the size of banknotes, i.e. they should not be folded in half or crumpled. On the contrary, the money should be straightened and to feel free. In this case it does not matter if the wallet is folded in half and fastens with a toggle clasp.

Деньги в кошельке должны чувствовать себя свободно

Old Russian remedies for attracting money is to put a piece of horseradish root in the purse. This plant attracts the material energy.

Many are in your wallet photos of loved ones. This cannot be done, because they interrupt the cash flow. In addition, through pictures money have a negative impact on these people, causing them to greed or extravagance.

Allowed to keep in your purse and credit cards.

The wallet should never be empty, it is considered a bad omen. It should be at least one coin.

The purse is a symbol of money. And what a symbol, such and money!