Advice 1: How to wind the hair soft curler

The owners of straight hair so sometimes I want to show off your hairstyle with elegant waves or curls naughty. Fortunately for them, there is a great way to transform the hair without damaging their thermal effects. We are talking about a curler – but not the heavy and awkward things to sleep on which had the ladies of past generations, while modern and comfortable, soft paper shoes.
How to wind the hair soft curler
You will need
  • - soft curler;
  • - mousse or liquid styling;
  • comb with a thin end;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • - Hairdryer
Prepare soft curlers – the curlers in the form of foam tubes. Depending on the hair density you will need from 12 to 30 pieces. Choose a type that will seem pleasant by touch from ordinary foam or dense, like rubber. Choose curler diameter depending on how tight the curls you want to: thin for small rings and for thick voluminous wavy hair.
Wash your hair, lightly dry them and comb. Divide the hair into several layers, separately kill the upper strand, then middle level, then the strands on the back of his head. For best results, use mousse or gel for styling. With a comb with a thin "tail" separate a small lock of hair, carefully comb it and wrap helically on the curler, making sure that the individual hairs are not beaten. The roots secure the hair curler, bending it in a roll. If curlers won't hold tight enough, attach them with Bobby pins. Similarly, screw the all the hair from head to back of the head. Not too much pulls together strands to injure a hair to locks of the same diameter.
An advantage of soft curlers is their ease. Almost weightless curlers you can cheat in the evening and left on overnight to dry naturally. Foam curlers do not interfere with comfortable sleep, do not press on the scalp and do not pull hair. Wait until dry hair. If time is short, use a Hairdryer. Then remove the curlers, gently flatten the foam wand and pull it out from the lock side (not spinning it). The hair is not fluffed excessively, do not brush curls, and disassemble them by hand. If desired, spray the hair lacquer or liquid for fixing hair.
Durability soft curler depends on the quality of the materials used (and therefore prices). A budget option with a thin wire will quickly become worthless, so it makes sense to opt for the more sturdy curlers.

Advice 2 : How to wind the hair in spiral curlers

To obtain an amazing hairstyle that consists of beautiful flowing curls or cascading waves, not necessarily written to the hairdresser. If you have the necessary tools for styling spiral curler, you can curl your hair at home.
How to wind the hair in spiral curlers
Wash your hair and wait until they have dried. To speed up the process can dry them in the dryer, but not completely.
If you want to get consistent curls, wet them before winding on the curler lock – balm, mousse or gel. Thin hair, usually do not keep a Perm, it is better to treat the strong hold mousse. To evenly distribute the mousse, lift the top layer of hair and apply the composition on the bottom, starting from root to tip.
Spiral curler can be different sizes, so pick them depending on what curls – shallow or medium you want to. You can take different size curlers, then the curls will be more natural. Hair curler should be screwed, since the thickened part of the spiral, at the end of the locking clip.
Carefully comb the hairso that they are not twisted and not tangled. To wind the hair on curlers start from top to bottom, from the middle of the back of the head. Then move to the side strands.
Separate a strand thickness of about 1 inch, pull it, making it flat. Start to wind the hair on curlers from the root to the tip, trying with each turn strands to cover half of the previous winding. The end of the section and secure with clamp (brace or elastic band). Try to do it as accurately as possible to the ends of the hair left creases.
Similarly, wrap and all other strands; if they have time to dry out, sprinkle them with water from a spray bottle.
A Perm on spiral curlers involves natural drying, but if you can't wait, try gently dry with a Hairdryer with a nozzle "trumpet". It is better if you will use the mode of hot air.
When the hair is completely dry, begin to remove the curlers. Do this carefully, removing each mount and twisting spiral curler from the curl. As a result, you should get a light and soft curls with curls evenly distributed along the length of the hair.
Immediately after removing the curlers the hair do not brush: shake them and distribute the strands with your hands. Place and secure it with gel if you want to have your hair cut got the effect of wet hair.
Each strand comb wooden comb (this is preferable) with a few teeth.

Advice 3 : How to choose a curler

Curling hair with curlers - this is one of the most gentle and cost-effective ways to get romantic curls. Curler distinguished by form, material, principle of action. Depending on this and you need to choose the most appropriate.
How to choose a curler
These soft foam or rubber curlers with a wire rod called paper shoes. They usually have a small diameter of 1 to 2 cm are best suited for short hair or medium length hair. To hold the strands they need to shape the ring. The result depends on the time and degree of fixation, and size of the curlers. With their help you can get wavy curls and small curls. Clean combed hair need to cheat in one direction, starting from the top. It is important that the strands were not wider than the paper shoes. As a fixing means suitable foam. But you can do without it. This type of Perm gives often very dense tight curl that looks natural. Therefore it is better to wait for some time before it set.
Hot rollers are made of plastic. Inside they have a wax core, which must be heated. Usually these curlers sold with stand, providing heating. In an extreme case, to achieve the necessary temperature is possible with conventional boiling. To give the strands the desired shape will be enough to 15 minutes. For this you need to screw them into the plastic housing and secure with the clip. Before this procedure the hair can be a little wet. But styling using hot rollers can be done on dry strands. Now, normally, you can get a large natural curls.
Hair rollers-Velcro look like a hollow cylinder, covered with cloth, with numerous small hooks. Usually the simultaneous use of curlers of different sizes. Larger is add volume to the hair roots. They can be used to style bangs. Velcro is not suitable for women with long thick hair. Very often they fall down, and hairs in them confused.
For vertical Curling your hair use hair curlers in the form of a spiral. With their help it is possible to obtain a stable result. Curler-spiral is not suitable for those who want to have a classic wavy hair. Rather, they will choose an extravagant woman. Voluminous hairstyle you can get as long hair and medium length hair. With thick heavy hair, these curlers will also cope. You can use spirals of different sizes, by combining among themselves.
Foam hair rollers are ideal for use during sleep. In the end, it's easy to the natural shape of the curl. They are the most gentle of all. The size of the curl depends on the width wrap the locks. But just in case, if they are not deformed. Then the result can be unexpected.
The rod is often used for Curling in hairdressing. They can be as plastic and wood. The lock of hair wound along the entire length, and then secured with thin elastic. Clean damp hair is best to handle the additional locking means. But without them, the result will be elastic strands. A significant disadvantage of the bobbins in their hair to dry long enough. Use them during sleep also very uncomfortable.
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