Advice 1: How to wind the hair soft curler

The owners of straight hair so sometimes I want to show off your hairstyle with elegant waves or curls naughty. Fortunately for them, there is a great way to transform the hair without damaging their thermal effects. We are talking about a curler – but not the heavy and awkward things to sleep on which had the ladies of past generations, while modern and comfortable, soft paper shoes.
How to wind the hair soft curler
You will need
  • - soft curler;
  • - mousse or liquid styling;
  • comb with a thin end;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • - Hairdryer
Prepare soft curlers – the curlers in the form of foam tubes. Depending on the hair density you will need from 12 to 30 pieces. Choose a type that will seem pleasant by touch from ordinary foam or dense, like rubber. Choose curler diameter depending on how tight the curls you want to: thin for small rings and for thick voluminous wavy hair.
Wash your hair, lightly dry them and comb. Divide the hair into several layers, separately kill the upper strand, then middle level, then the strands on the back of his head. For best results, use mousse or gel for styling. With a comb with a thin "tail" separate a small lock of hair, carefully comb it and wrap helically on the curler, making sure that the individual hairs are not beaten. The roots secure the hair curler, bending it in a roll. If curlers won't hold tight enough, attach them with Bobby pins. Similarly, screw the all the hair from head to back of the head. Not too much pulls together strands to injure a hair to locks of the same diameter.
An advantage of soft curlers is their ease. Almost weightless curlers you can cheat in the evening and left on overnight to dry naturally. Foam curlers do not interfere with comfortable sleep, do not press on the scalp and do not pull hair. Wait until dry hair. If time is short, use a Hairdryer. Then remove the curlers, gently flatten the foam wand and pull it out from the lock side (not spinning it). The hair is not fluffed excessively, do not brush curls, and disassemble them by hand. If desired, spray the hair lacquer or liquid for fixing hair.
Durability soft curler depends on the quality of the materials used (and therefore prices). A budget option with a thin wire will quickly become worthless, so it makes sense to opt for the more sturdy curlers.

Advice 2 : How to cheat curlers Velcro

A beautiful and elegant hairstyle is the dream of every woman, because without that no one, even the most fashionable and expensive way will not look complete. But the time for a salon visit is not enough at all, and is such a pleasure a lot. A simple and effective solution to the problem are curlers, with which you can create a styling at home. One of the most easy to use and safe for the hair are curlers Velcro. They are called so due to the special material with small "spines" throughout its surface. Screw them simply, and the result is stunning!
How to cheat curlers Velcro
Curlers Velcro can be screwed to both dry and slightly damp hair. And in either case, be sure to apply a pre-styling: foam or retainer. Use funds with a strong degree of fixation that your future hair to please you for as long as possible. Then use a comb to gently highlight one strand of hair and roll the curlers from the bottom up. Best to start from the top, gradually covering the hair on the sides and at the nape. The thickness of the hair strands adjust independently, depending on the effect you want to achieve. For smaller and lush curls separate strands thinner, and to achieve big wavy curls, take more voluminous strands. The same rule applies when choosing the diameter of the curler.
If you are the owner of haircuts short or medium length, hair curlers Velcro will hold without additional fasteners due to their design. If you have long hair, it is better to use additional clamps.
Clocked curlers Velcro on the entire hair, dry hair with a hair dryer and gently remove the rollers. Pay special attention to your hair stuck in the Velcro. You just have to comb the hair or beat them with your hands, if you want to achieve the effect of careless curls. Your curls are ready! To fix the styling be sure to use hair spray, otherwise your hair might lose an original look to the end of the day. It is best to use a strong nail fixation, especially if you have long hair. But everything is good in moderation – make sure that too much paint did not create the effect of matted hair.
Despite the fact that curler Velcro very comfortable, they have disadvantages in application. First, these curlers are quite tough, and you will not be able to screw them into the night. Sleeping in them will be uncomfortable, and the morning the result is unlikely to please. Secondly, it is believed that such hair curlers spoil the surface of the hair with too frequent use. But, unfortunately, the effect on the hair have any hair curlers and styling products, so here in the first place are convenience and efficiency.
Here this simple way, having spent quite a bit of time, you will be able to create a beautiful hairstyle for a hard day in the office or for a festive dinner with friends and loved ones.
If you have decided to emphasize their natural beauty beautiful curly hair, you just need to know how to wind the hair on curlers. For beautiful curls necessary curler the right size. How to wind the hair on curlers? The technique of winding the hair on curlers is not something unimaginably complex.
Useful advice
If you have to do this one, the still needed two mirrors. The technology of winding the strands on curlers of all species are practically identical. Before Curling the hair should be washed and lightly dry. Strand width must match the width of the curler, then curls turn out smooth and elastic. When all the strands are wound on curlers, the hair needs to sprinkle the varnish. Give them a good dry.
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