You will need
  • - soft curler;
  • - mousse or liquid styling;
  • comb with a thin end;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • - Hairdryer
Prepare soft curlers – the curlers in the form of foam tubes. Depending on the hair density you will need from 12 to 30 pieces. Choose a type that will seem pleasant by touch from ordinary foam or dense, like rubber. Choose curler diameter depending on how tight the curls you want to: thin for small rings and for thick voluminous wavy hair.
Wash your hair, lightly dry them and comb. Divide the hair into several layers, separately kill the upper strand, then middle level, then the strands on the back of his head. For best results, use mousse or gel for styling. With a comb with a thin "tail" separate a small lock of hair, carefully comb it and wrap helically on the curler, making sure that the individual hairs are not beaten. The roots secure the hair curler, bending it in a roll. If curlers won't hold tight enough, attach them with Bobby pins. Similarly, screw the all the hair from head to back of the head. Not too much pulls together strands to injure a hair to locks of the same diameter.
An advantage of soft curlers is their ease. Almost weightless curlers you can cheat in the evening and left on overnight to dry naturally. Foam curlers do not interfere with comfortable sleep, do not press on the scalp and do not pull hair. Wait until dry hair. If time is short, use a Hairdryer. Then remove the curlers, gently flatten the foam wand and pull it out from the lock side (not spinning it). The hair is not fluffed excessively, do not brush curls, and disassemble them by hand. If desired, spray the hair lacquer or liquid for fixing hair.