You will need
  • curlers, hair, comb with a thin handle and a comb with big teeth, foam, mousse or gel, hairspray.
If you need to curl your hair on curlers, you must pick the best set of curlers. Note, better to use rollers on short hair, then Curling process takes very little time. The so-called curler-hedgehogs are not desirable when thin long hair can be achieved by the unwinding of much confusion curls. A foam curler is convenient to wind the evening and go to bed then in the morning you will not spend a lot of time on your hair. The curlers are used for a short and fairly thick hair.
For the winding on curlers the hair should be clean and slightly damp. Therefore, they should be well washed and a little dry. Then apply a hair tool that will facilitate better fixation and creation of volume. This can be a special foam, spray or mousse.
Comb with long thin handle to separate the smooth strand, starting from the top. Its width should not exceed 5 cm, otherwise the hair can just slide off the curlers.
Cheat curls in different directions, it depends on what style you want to create. Typically, first wind the crown, then the back of the head and then the sides and front.
Then the hair has to dry. First, they leave half an hour for natural drying, and then dosushit Hairdryer. Not only is it much close to bring the curlers to, otherwise they can get very hot.
Once the hair is completely dry, you can spin curler. This should be done carefully so as not to confuse long strands and crush curls
After the hair placed in the hair, gently combing the curls with a wide comb with a few teeth. But you can just your fingers lightly touch up the curls and spray with varnish for better fixation.