You will need
  • - long curler;
  • - foam packing;
  • water;
  • - Hairdryer.
Choose curler the right size and diameter. They are thinner, the smaller you get curls. Keep in mind that too thick boomerangs curl hair harder and firmer curls, you may simply not be possible. Before buying try to bend the wand curler: it should hold shape and not unbend. Quality boomerangs made from foam like rubber, with a solid copper wire inside.
Wash your hair, dry naturally or with a dryer mode, cool air is 70-80%, and carefully comb. Hair should be elastic and slightly moist, so your future styling locks are the most durable. Estimate about strands of what thickness you need to separate enough to the curler.
Take a strand of hair and again comb it and apply a styling foam (amount the size of a large bean). Spread throughout its length. Without waiting for drying, begin to wind the strand on the curler from the bottom up. Cross the tips of the boomerang, providing a firm hold.
You can wait until hair iswrapped around long curlers, to dry naturally. So will you provide the most gentle Perm. Enough to wait 1-1. 5 hours. It is possible even in parallel to take a bath, make a mask or wrap. If you cheat on boomerangs dry hair, the wet steam will only increase the fixation and the effect of foam for packing.
If you do not have time to thoroughly dry the wound hair with a hot Hairdryer. To understand whether curls, a clear one boomerang and touched the hair inside. They must be completely dry, otherwise after an hour styling will disappear.
Start spinning curler from the top down. In any case, do not pull them out of the twisted curl. Hair may become entangled by the edges and remove the curler will be very problematic. For a longer lasting fixing spray the curls with hairspray.
Rinse the hair with warm water to remove residue foam hair. Ready locks can be put in any hairstyle. As a rule, wound on a long curler hair retain their shape for very long. PI gradually, they turn from elastic curls to soft lush waves.