First teach grandma to turn on and off the computer properly. Not to repeat everything several times, write on a sheet of paper the main steps and hang near the work area.
Do not frighten the elderly person because if it is incorrectly shut down the computer or get something wrong, something will happen. Make a discount – reassure, say that in a pinch, you can always press that button and start all over again. This will help grandma to relax and have no fear to explore the unknown world.
Remove from the desktop all the excess and leave only the necessary grandma labels. Under each major write Russian letters, what lies behind the label. In the web browser make the necessary bookmarks and show grandma how to open and close.
To interest grandma, find her simple toys – balls, solitaire (most importantly, that was not important and had 10 minutes to think about the moves). Show grandma how to play, a little wait there for her and rejoice in the successes.
Open for grandma boundless world of the Internet. Place on the desktop shortcut labeled "Internet" or set the browser to autostart, so that it opened on the page "Yandex" or "Google". Show my grandma how to drive the query and open the desired page. To interest, tell me the topics that may be of interest – knitting, collecting, favorite TV show or series, family relationships. Certainly, it didn't even occur to you that the astrological forecast can be found not only in your favorite magazine and a new recipe for the jam is not necessary to rewrite with friends.
Install a program on your computer or Skype " agent", enter in the number of contacts grandmother's friends, former colleagues, friends, children, grandchildren and neighbors. Show how to call, and with her grandmother count how many she'll be able to save on the phone. It is best also to install this program in startup.
If Granny calls you and asks the same, do not fret and try again and again to explain everything clearly. Maybe grandma just wants the attention and socializing, so be gentle with her.