You will need
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passports of parents;
  • - application on registration at the place of residence filled with one of the parents for themselves and children;
  • - the consent of the other parent (according to the law is optional, but better to have it);
  • - the contract for gratuitous use between the owner and the parent who registers a child (or signed by parent for and on behalf of a child under 14 years) or a statement about the provision of accommodations written by the owner;
  • - the consent of all adult, registered in a Council flat;
  • - the documents confirming the kinship with the municipal residence in the apartment;
  • - document of title to privatized apartments and a copy financially-the personal account and an extract from the house register for municipal.
  • -
If the apartment is grandmother's privatized, it all depends on the number of owners and type of ownership. It is easiest when the owner of one. It is enough that he will sign the statement on granting of premises or gives the parent will sign a contract of gratuitous use of premises (the second option in practice is preferred).
The contract signed by only two parties-the child is specified in the number of family members who will reside together with his father or mother.
The law allows for its ordinary written form, but in practice it is better to certify the document management unit of FMS or by a notary.
If the apartment owners consent to the registration must give to each of them. It is also certified by the notary, in the dispensation or FMS.
The number registered in the apartment is not important. The right to vote have only the owners, regardless of prescribed they at this location or not.
When registration in the municipal apartment the procedure is complicated. You need to prove the relationship (not necessarily close, the law allows to register in-law to mother-in-law, and daughter-in-law to mother-in-law) and provide the consent of all adults in the apartment, also notarized, in the dispensation or division of the FMS.
The application for registration at the place of residence, it is possible to take in the dispensation or division of the FMS, download on the portal or to complete it online.
The mother or father fills out an application for himself and child.
With a full set of documents necessary to apply to the housing authority or Department of the Federal migration service.
Unlike the procedure of residence to the grandmother of a child 14 years of age and older that he should take her myself: to contact the property management or FMS with your passport and yourself to fill out and sign the application.