What is Alunite

Alunite (alum stone) is a pure natural product, clear salt crystal of volcanic origin. A mineral can be the following colors: red, white, gray, light yellow, red-brown, transparent internal reflections and the light. The crystals have the shape of octahedron. For convenient use they are cleaned, cut and polished.
Alunite is widespread in Asia, South America and the Middle East. Also, this crystal may be present in other regions with rich mining and volcanic formations.

Alunite has a strong natural antibacterial action. Since it is used to preserve the freshness of foods, eliminating odours, the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Alum, and today is widely used in food, medicine and light industry.

Crystal deodorant Alunite: properties and rules of use

Deodorant Alunite does not block perspiration, and removes bacteria causing unpleasant smell. It is valid for 24 hours and goes well with the perfumes and other hygiene products because I do not have an odor. Additionally, the Alunite has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces itching and swelling and promotes healing of small wounds.
In contrast to the modern chemical deodorants Alunite contains no preservatives or emulsifiers, which can negatively affect the function of the sweat glands and clog the pores.

Alunite is very easy to use and does not stain clothes. You need to wet the crystal with water and wipe over the area of the feet and underarms. It is advisable to apply it on clean skin immediately after showering or bathing. Alunite covers the skin with a subtle touch, preventing the reproduction of microorganisms.

Alunite is very cost effective, a single crystal weighing 50 to 100 grams will last for years of daily use. If the stone is crashed, it can be crushed into powder or dissolve the shards in water, and then spray and continue to use as deodorant. Thanks to its compact Alunite convenient to take with you on trips.

Alunite can be used as aftershave. Due to its antibacterial effect it heals minor cuts and prevents skin irritation. Also, this crystal is also a very effective remedy for allergies, herpes and eczema.