Advice 1: Things to do on vacation

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life all year, you dream about long-awaited vacation. But that moment comes, and it turns out, dreams were so numerous and chaotic that will decide on the right choice. problematic.
Things to do on vacation
In fact, in early planning a vacation is no big deal. First you need to decide what you expect from long-awaited vacation. You want to spend time with family or perhaps each of the family members want to relax yourself.

The rest of the house

Spend eventful and positive vacation perhaps even without going far from home. In his spare time, you can start reading favorite books, watching your favorite movies without being distracted by boring is. This is the best lesson in the first few days of vacation. The body just need to relax from everyday worries.

"Doing nothing" on the couch – not the best idea. Allow yourself to go to the theater, the circus or the zoo, to visit the exhibition. You can learn some new sport, for example, rollers or Bicycle.

Meeting friends whom you haven't seen will make a pleasant variety to the guests. Leave the city to nature perfectly complement your free time. Your lungs just need a break from city smog. Fresh air will magically affect health. Even being in the city, forget for the holidays about the "traffic jams" on the roads, pushing on public transport. Most importantly, to spend every day of vacation with benefit to themselves, to return to work weekdays not to regret in vain wasted time.

Stay away

Clearly, the journey is the most favorite and popular method of relaxation some people. Wiser to be prepared for departure in advance. To get started is to acquire some good guides on sites for planned holidays. Need to know more about the place of the rest. This will make it easier to choose places to visit, to understand all new, what you have to face.

After arriving at the vacation destination, try to allocate your time. It just takes a lot more than was thought earlier. Try to plan no more than two or three cases a day. Much better places to go than to go in many different and return home with the "porridge" in the head.

You can experiment a bit. Long known that the best moments of the trip is unplanned episodes. Go to any café or shop. Embark on a spontaneous excursion.

As before the holiday, and after it, your body will need to give 1 or 2 days to adapt. During this time, you can relax, settle family problems and to begin our day.

Advice 2 : How to spend vacation at home

A vacation should be different from ordinary life in working hours. At the end of the holiday should be a sense of renewal, recharging. Stay at home provokes people to do things in order or fall into idleness. It is a deadlock way. Going to do a radical change of life.
Spend time in the fresh air
Imagine you are not at home. Live in a hotel. Play this game and bring it to all family. You didn't come here to sit near the TV or to chat in social networks. No computer, because it will be a whole year after the holidays. And now you are not going to sit in the hotel." Come to an agreement on this issue.
Prepare a "bag tourist." There needs to be an umbrella and jacket in case of bad weather. Take a supply of regular water, plenty of sour apples and black bread. This diet will heal you and keep you from unnecessary snacking. Also keep some seeds and nuts. Don't forget a large blanket that you can spread anywhere on the grass. Such places in city lots and on school grounds, in parks.
Make a list of classes in case of perfect weather. It can be a ball game, reading a book on a Park bench, a journey through all areas of the city. You should be outdoors and not to use transport. Bring your camera to at work to share pictures of the last vacation.
Make a list of activities in case of bad weather. Call up all the museums, find out the time and cost. Find out what the city offers tours. Find out whether you can go on a visit to an orphanage or a nursing home. These trips will make you wiser and happier. Everything - not only the seat of the house.
Vacation is the best time to try something new. Music, art, sports schools run courses and clubs for adults. Go on a tour, to understand, and fun for you new.
Useful advice
If you are concerned about cleaning the house, make it a few days at the end of the vacation, before going to work. Allow yourself to relax, escape from everyday life.

Advice 3 : When is the best time to go on vacation

The question of when is the best time to go on vacation, arises from all workers. Because you want to spend your holidays as much as possible without significant losses in financial terms. Besides, your choice may not always be quite a boss that lets you leave with some favor.
When is the best time to go on vacation

Rarely, the employer takes into account the interests of employees, willing to make concessions and enter into the situation for someone in September to watch the first grader; the other required month of spring to open the summer season, the third - a fan of snowy slopes and extreme sports, like to rest in the winter; fourth 10 years did not go in the summer together with his family, the sea etc. If you are lucky with the boss, and he is sensitive and intelligent, and can think, and when to go on vacation?

Plenty to come

When choosing a time for your holiday, should consider a few points. Consider whether you have the ability, really, to relax in your chosen period. To appear on the work with the new forces, it is desirable to get away from home – abroad, to the nearest resort, in a sanatorium etc. If you get the chance, then immediately go on vacation.


Decide what time of year would be better for you to plan a vacation. For example, if you are an avid cottager and do not plan to leave town, it is best to take the period spring — summer. For lovers of ice slides, skating, snowboarding, etc., of course, suitable for winter. Choose that time of the year, which you can use with maximum benefit for themselves.

Evaluate whether you have the strength to work or the feeling of a squeezed lemon is not leaving and have no desire to dwell further in this state and test your body to the limit.

What month to choose

In the months in which a lot of holidays, such as January and may, the amount of vacation payment will be less. This is due to the fact that according to the Labour Code holidays in holiday are not included and, accordingly, are not paid. But to enjoy them much longer. Much cheaper to take holidays during the summer months – July and August. If you choose another period, do not forget to guide the business calendar.

Whether to split the holidays apart

Ordinary Russian holiday – 28 days. The labour Code establishes mandatory part of not less than 14 calendar days. The remaining two weeks the employee may take at their discretion - at least for a day, if the boss don't mind. However it should be noted that sharing the holidays apart unprofitable. Weekend adjacent to five working days, which are on account of vacation will not be paid. If you take the whole week, the financial reward provided and Saturday, Sunday.

Financial benefit

The amount of vacation depends on income. Rest days are paid at average earnings. And he is considered an addition to the salaries and bonuses accrued for the year divided into 12 months and the average number of calendar days – 29,4, provided that the whole month worked out completely (no sick and vacation). The resulting number is the average earnings for a single day, it can be multiplied by the number of days of rest. So displays the amount of vacation. Based on these calculations, go on vacation to be profitable after paying premiums and all sorts of additional incentives.


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