Imagine you are not at home. Live in a hotel. Play this game and bring it to all family. You didn't come here to sit near the TV or to chat in social networks. No computer, because it will be a whole year after the holidays. And now you are not going to sit in the hotel." Come to an agreement on this issue.
Prepare a "bag tourist." There needs to be an umbrella and jacket in case of bad weather. Take a supply of regular water, plenty of sour apples and black bread. This diet will heal you and keep you from unnecessary snacking. Also keep some seeds and nuts. Don't forget a large blanket that you can spread anywhere on the grass. Such places in city lots and on school grounds, in parks.
Make a list of classes in case of perfect weather. It can be a ball game, reading a book on a Park bench, a journey through all areas of the city. You should be outdoors and not to use transport. Bring your camera to at work to share pictures of the last vacation.
Make a list of activities in case of bad weather. Call up all the museums, find out the time and cost. Find out what the city offers tours. Find out whether you can go on a visit to an orphanage or a nursing home. These trips will make you wiser and happier. Everything - not only the seat of the house.