You will need
  • - swimsuit;
  • tent.
Travel as much as possible in the summer. Take a few vacation days at their own expense, if the official does not appear on the summer. Every trip outside of your hometown will add you a huge number of new impressions and bright emotions. No need to go to the overseas region, if it is not possible for any reason. How well do you know your country or even the surrounding area? Take the train to any town in which you were not. Take a walk in unfamiliar city, take in the sights. Even a short trip for a couple of days will add to your strength and good mood.
Walk often on the street. Often people are eager to leave their city for impressions, but not familiar with the place in which you spend most of your life. Change their usual route "home-work-shop-home". Learn new areas of the city, breathe the air. Visit museums, theatres, attractions. Perhaps, such trips will not only vary, but also will pamper you with new feelings towards his city.
Sunbathe and swim. Summer is the best time to acquire a natural tan. In addition, it is a very pleasant and relaxing pastime. Learn about beaches in your city, and recreation areas. Get a group together and spend a beach party. As camping is also suitable for Hiking in the forest overnight. Conversations around the campfire, scary stories and sleep in a tent – a real romance. Can combine a holiday with fishing.
Chat with your friends. During the working day is often not enough time for friendly meetings and warm fellowship. Autumn, winter and spring that often create obstacles weather conditions – snow, rain, strong wind. So on warm summer days, try to meet as often as possible. Shop, buying bright summer clothes, dance in Nightclubs, and after a walk through the city. Try not to lose any time, because summer is very short. Make it so that it was not necessary to regret about the lost time, gain strength for cold and cloudy autumn days.