Styles of jeans: fit

Styles of jeans are separated by two parameters: the fit and design. The first determines how high/low is the waist line. The second point is responsible for the appearance and style of the pants.

Planting can be of four types. First Brazilian. This style differs ultrasonically waist: the top edge of the pants is below the belly button at least 6-8 cm Jeans Brazilian landing located right on the hips. The pants are so open style is ideal for girls with toned tummy.
Pants with the Brazilian landing should not be worn in the winter: they are very honest. You can easily sastadita buds or appendages. This style is perfect for the summer.

The second type of fit is low. In this case, closure will be placed below the navel 4-5 cm These pants will allow you to visually lengthen the waist, making it more pronounced. The style is very comfortable, suitable for summer and for winter.

The third type is mid-rise. Waist jeans is almost at the level of the navel, minus 2-3 cm Style ideal for a women who has a tummy or have small deposits on the sides.

High waisted – fourth style of jeans. The belt can be waist high, so be a few inches above it. The last option is the most popular today. These pants can emphasize the waist and visually lengthen the figure.

The difference styles of jeans to cut

Jeans with a straight leg, free or slightly tapered, are called classical. This style emerged one of the first, and still popular in many countries around the world. These jeans are practical, comfortable and look good on almost any figure.
The names of the styles may vary depending on the country of origin. For example, there are three classics standard notation: straight, regular fit, classic.

Style boyfit you'll be a loose fit at the hips. Also there are several narrowed down leg and very low rise. "My boyfriend jeans" is perfect for girls with narrow hips who are fans of casual style.

Jeans style skinny very tight legs from thigh to ankles. These pants – the perfect companion to long knitted sweaters, tunics, high boots. However, will suit skinny exceptionally slender girls.

Pipes is a great alternative to the previous option. Jeans this style is very popular today: they can be worn with straight leg and fashionable rolled a few inches. You can combine pipes with cropped sweaters, pullovers, stylish blouses and hoodies.

Jeans style flare from the hips have a very wide leg. They perfectly conceal the fullness of the hips, make the silhouette slender and elegant. These pants match with silk/chiffon blouses and simple shirts that tight.

Another popular style, flared from the knee. Stylists claim that jeans of this cut will suit any body shape. Flared trousers elongate the legs and balance out the silhouette.