Useful and delicious!

At the time, one very famous political leader called the corn "Queen of the fields". But he even could not imagine that this product beans which contain many useful substances that can be very healthy meals, with nutritional and medicinal value to the body. To say nothing of corn flour – her singing laudatory praises of doctors, nutritionists, bakers, masters of the culinary business and even beauticians.

From corn have two kinds of flour rough and fine grinding. And the most famous products made from it, we call it Mamaliga is the national dish of Caucasian cuisine, as well as chips – a favorite (though harmful) children's treat.

Royal dessert

Whatever is prepared from corn flour: cakes, muffins, cookies, donuts, breads and pies. The only disadvantage of this product during the cooking process the dough will be a very long climb (or maybe will not rise at all), as this flour does not contain natural element - gluten, and, therefore, in the recipe it can be mixed with wheat flour. From this situation there is another way – to take the flour fine grinding and very long and thoroughly beat all the ingredients.

It turns out delicious cake from corn flour. If you make small adjustments to the usual recipe and dilute the required amount of wheat flour, corn (about 50%), and add a bit of turmeric, you get an unusually beautiful and fragrant dessert.

Often enough cornmeal to bake cookies. It can be sweet or savoury dessert – it all depends on what the original products are part of the recipe. Some Housewives manage to bake cookies even with vegetables like zucchini or carrots (it turns out beautiful and useful!). And if you mix flour with spices – get a incredibly delicious snack to beer.

For cookies with zucchini (25) need:

- 4 tbsp of butter;
- 1 tbsp. sugar;
- ½ Vanilla powder;
- 5 g lemon zest;
- a bit of salt;
- 200 g of flour;
- 100 g of corn flour;
- 1 small zucchini.

Mix all ingredients to obtain a thick dough consistency. Using a spoon to form small pieces of dough and bake at 160-170оС 25-30 minutes.

Diet food – oatmeal cookie corn flour. In this recipe, just substitute the desired number of the original product - wheat flour - corn, and better fine grinding, because of coarsely ground flour in baking can get very noticeable flour grains.