Liqueur XuXu – a wonderful representative of this line of alcoholic beverages. He stands out among the rest thanks to a rich strawberry taste, navodaya the idea of a slightly over-ripe and juicy garden fruits.

The drink appeared not so long ago – at the end of the last Millennium. It is manufactured exclusively in Bavaria company Georg Hemmeter. From there he transported around the world. If desired, a similar liqueur can be done independently, because the manufacturer claims – it is created using only natural ingredients. And it's easy to believe, because it can detect even small berry seeds!

In the beverage ripe strawberries – about 66% of the total product, the remaining space is accounted for vodka. Also, an interesting note in the taste of the drink brings a small amount of lime juice. Vmesa all the components in the home, you will receive a liquor similar to Beer, but of course not identical. Like any major manufacturer, Georg Hemmeter certainly have their own secrets that are kept secret.

To suit this liqueur XuXu?

This drink is primarily focused on the beautiful half of humanity. Sweet full-bodied taste, very pleasant aroma and beautiful color of the liquor will appeal to many women. The undoubted advantage of the drink is that, despite the rather high strength (about 15 degrees), use the alcohol almost not felt. In this regard, should be some accuracy! You can easily get carried away and drink fast to get drunk!

How to drink strawberry liqueur XuXu?

How to apply and use such a gentle drink? There has been a lot said about the peculiarities of his taste, which allow you to make the right conclusion – Beer is best drunk in its pure form. Bartenders recommend to do this slowly, in small SIPS. Pre-liquor should be cooled to 13 degrees and pour into shot (stacks) or placed in small glasses, combining with ice cubes. So drink will become more liquid and less solid.

The range of applications XuXu, like any other liquor, is quite wide. It can be served as a topping for ice cream or other desserts, as well as to create on the basis of the drink a variety of cocktails. As a rule, girls prefer to mix liqueur with sparkling wine, giving the latter a greater sweetness and a magical flavor.