Traditionally with egg liqueurom prepared alcoholic cocktail "Algerian Coffee". To make one Cup, pour the taste of freshly ground coffee in the coffee maker or Turku, cover with cold water. Bring coffee to a boil, carefully remove from heat and let cool. After that, again boil. Allow it to steep for two minutes, then add 1 teaspoon of cold water and within 1 minute simmer. Take a thick-walled glass (e.g., whiskey), pour 20 g of cream, the same amount of egg liqueur. Then the wall of glass with a thin stream pour in the coffee. The drink is ready.
Perfectly refreshing in hot weather cocktail "snowball" (second name "the Snowball"). For its preparation take a glass for long drinks (a tall, narrow vessel with a volume of 540 milliliters), pour in 40 ml of egg liqueur. Then carefully, trying not to damage the layer of thick liqueurand fill it with lemonade with lemon flavor. Decorate the glass with lemon wedge and cocktail umbrella.
The most common egg liqueur today – "the Lawyer". It has a thick consistency and a pronounced vanilla flavor. That's the name of this liqueurwas born and a Lawyer in the pink shoes". To prepare the cocktail in the same proportion, mix egg liqueur and grenadine syrup (usually for one drink take 10 ml). To them add the same amount of heavy cream, mix well. Pour into a tall glass and fill with lemonade top.
Fans of strong alcoholic cocktails, you can also try Casablanca. To do this, take 30 milliliters of vodka, one tablespoon of anise liqueurand pineapple and orange juice, and 20 ml of egg liqueur. Place all the ingredients into a shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into a tall glass (like a latte), pre-laying out the bottom of the crushed ice.
Girls will impress cocktail party Monaco. Take one part egg, banana, coffee liqueurs liqueurand Cointreau, and 2 parts cream. Mix in shaker and pour into tall glasses.
On any occasion will look spectacular cocktail "Bleeding heart". In a square low glass pour 75 ml of egg liqueur, and then, gently, through a tube, fill the bottom of the glass 25 milliliters of liqueurand the Curacao red.