The exposure period determines a lot

As the main ingredient for the production of tequila is blue agave juice. Choosing this drink, you should pay attention to the exposure period and the percentage of juice of the agave. The most valuable is a drink that is aged in oak barrels.

Depending on the aging tequila can be divided into five types. Excerpt from one year to three is more preferred. Tequila aged one year and three years was quite different in taste.

Grade Blanca plata. This tequila immediately after the production of bottled. This species is considered to be the most popular. The taste of the drink is quite simple, it remains an earthy aftertaste, you can feel the alcohol. It is usually used for cocktails.

The grade of the Gold kind of tequila, with a Golden hue, thanks to the presence of caramel.

Grade Reposado – tequila aged at least one year. The most "Mature" is tequila Anejo – term exposure up to three years. During this time, evaporate all the alcohol. The flavor of the drink becomes more sophisticated, closer to chocolate and vanilla.

The selection of tequila at the sugar content

What is better is a moot point. Today it is made in different variations. The quality of the drink depends on the composition. Carefully read the label, you can identify added sugars in the manufacture of tequila or only used the juice of the agave.

The first group tequila, which contains only the juice of this noble plant.

The second group – mixta, is composed of mixed sugars. The composition also contains blue agave juice, but only by 51%. According to the requirements – the remaining 49% can be any types of sugar. Therefore, different manufacturers formulation may vary significantly.

How to choose a good tequila must know each lover of this noble beverage. The first thing to do is to examine the bottle. If the label stated "100% Blue Agave", then it is an exceptional drink that consists of only the juice of the blue agave, without impurities in the composition. The words "DO" on the bottle indicates that the drink is produced in accordance with geographical standards of production. The abbreviation "CRT" means that the organization Consejo regulator del Tequila controlled the process of production of the drink. This product is of excellent quality, like all beverages produced under the control of the organization. The words "NOM" confirms that the beverage complies with Mexico's quality standards.

Sometimes on the bottom of the bottle you can see a small pellet. It is formed, if the bottle was long preserved at low temperatures. The precipitate is evidenced by the passage of the filtration process in the production of tequila.