Cocktail "Mad Matt"

- 15 ml liqueur "Creme de Ment";
- 10 ml liqueur "Frangelico";
- 10 ml liqueur "Maraschino";
10 ml of liquor "Amaretto";
- 10 ml quality vodka.

Pour all of these components of the cocktail in layers into a shot glass, ignite the top layer. This cocktail is refreshing and burn at the same time, it turns out an incredible effect!

Cocktail "Mosaic"

20 ml strawberry liqueur;
- 20 ml liqueur "Mint";
20 ml brandy, BlackBerry";
- strawberry ice cream.

In a glass add ice cubes, pour both layers of liqueur, then brandy. The berry strawberry in the middle make an incision, it is decorate the edge of the glass.

Cocktail "The Confrontation"

- 30 ml liquor "Bleu Curacao";
- 10 ml anisette;
- 8 ml cherry-brandy;
- a pinch of cinnamon.

Pour in the first glass of liqueur, then cherry brandy and vodka. Sprinkle with cinnamon, do not mix!

Cocktail Nezabudka

- 20 ml liqueur "Creme de Violette";
- 20 ml liqueur "Creme de Noya";
- 15 ml rum;
- 15 ml tequila;
flower forget-me-nots.

Pour into a glass with layers of both liquor followed by rum and tequila. Decorate a glass flower forget-me-nots. This cocktail is layered, mixing components is not required.