The secret of original taste and the popularity of the liqueur Cointreau

The recipe of today world-famous Cointreau liqueur was invented in the French town of Angers, where Edouard Cointreau along with his brothers opened a small plant for the production of alcoholic beverages of fruit. The Creator has come up with not only a unique part of the liquor from oranges, but the original container in which had bottled the drink. Later amber bottle is rectangular in shape has become a hallmark of Cointreau liqueur and contributed to the promotion of this product as not local and the global market.

The unique taste of the liqueur Cointreau is due to the use for its preparation of two types of oranges – bitter in the West Indies and sweet from Spain and Brazil. According to developers, the zest of these fruits is removed manually, separating it from the inner white part. Then the crust dried in the sun and within a few days insist on ethanol produced from beet and grain products by distillation. After this distillate add sugar syrup and spring water.

It is a harmonious combination of bitter and sweet oranges, as well as a certain amount of sugar and water gives the liqueur Cointreau a unique and memorable taste. Fans of this beverage appreciate its softness and richness, citrus notes, refreshing, delicate and at the same time intensive finish. Of course, the recipe of this liquor is kept in the strictest confidence.

Cocktails based on Cointreau

One of the simplest and well-known cocktails based on liqueur Cointreau is Kantrovitz". For its preparation it is necessary to cut the half lime into pieces and crush in a glass, add ice, 50ml of Cointreau and 100ml of soda.

To prepare a Cosmo with this miraculous liquor, you need to mix in a shaker 15 ml of Cointreau, 40 ml vodka, 30 ml cranberry juice and ice. Then squeeze in the cocktail half a lime, shake and pour into glasses.

Another popular cocktails based on Cointreau – "Margarita". For its creation should be mix 15 ml Cointreau, 30 ml lime juice and the same amount of tequila, crushed ice. Next, the cocktail must be poured by the glass on the bezel which must be present salt.

The use of Cointreau in its purest form

Despite the fact that the orange liqueur Cointreau is usually used for cocktails, the true connoisseurs of this drink prefer to drink it neat with ice. It is believed that the only way to fully experience its unique rich taste.

When connecting with Cointreau ice gets a little muddy, but then its original color is restored. This reaction is associated with a high content in liquor natural essential oils – they give the drink original taste and terrific piping-fresh scent.

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