You will need
  • whiskey;
  • - glasses;
  • - juice.
Choose a good, quality whiskey. A bit cool, the temperature should be 18-21 degrees, because only at this temperature in the drink fully reveals the taste and aroma.
Take the juice for smoothies. It can be purchased in the store, but the best fit fresh (for cooking, use a juicer).
Prepare the glasses. One of the options – a wide, heavy-bottomed glass. This glass will be convenient when mixing whiskey with ingredients (juice, liqueur, ice).
Make a cocktail. For example, the cocktail called the "Golden slipper". Take in equal proportions, 60 ml: whisky, orange juice and lemon juice. All mix. In a glass put ice, and its edges decorate sugar "rime". Components can be mixed in a shaker.
Drink whiskey and cocktails after lunch or in the evening and if not then have to do is drive. Drink whiskey with the juice for medicinal purposes can and morning. But not more than two or three SIPS. Useful will this cocktail: "Whiskey cherry juice". In order to prepare it, take a glass and put ice. Pour whiskey (50 ml) cherry juice (150ml).
Drink prepared cocktail slowly, savoring small SIPS to fully experience the entire range of taste and aroma. For party good cocktail "new York sour". Cook it using a shaker, mix it American whiskey (30 ml), raspberry juice (15 ml) dry red wine (30 ml), syrup (1 tsp). Serve, garnished with orange slice. Ice is not needed.