You will need
  • - a sheet of paper, pen, calculator;
  • - the range;
  • - stopwatch;
  • assistant.
To calculate your biological age, you need to run tests, the results are totalled and the sum divided by 7.
Two fingers pinch the skin with the back of the hand. Hold 5 seconds and release. Note how much time your skin will return to normal. If it takes 5 seconds, your biological age of 30. 8 seconds is needed for a 40-year-old, 10 – to 50-year-old, 15 – to 60-year-old.
The next test for a reaction. Have your assistant take a 50 cm ruler. It needs to hold it vertically, with the zero down. Your hand with spread apart fingers should be below the edge to 10 cm to Release the line your assistant should suddenly. If you catch it at the level of 20 cm, then 20 biological years. At 25 cm – 30 years. A rate of 35 cm means that you are 40 and 45 cm – 60 years.
To test for flexibility, stand up straight, sit slightly by bending your knees, and lean. If you could put it on the floor palms – you 20-30 years, touched fingers – 40 years, reached the shins – 50 years, reaching only to the knees – 60.
Very revealing test is the ability to keep the balance. Stand up straight, close your eyes and wait, alternately on the left and right leg, keeping the other 10 cm Resisted 30 seconds – your biological age 20 years, 40 years hold balance for 20 seconds, 50-year - old- 15, 60-year – old- 10 seconds or less.
For the following tests need to measure the pulse. Then quickly sit down 30 times. After this exercise once again listen to the pulse. If it rose by 10 strokes and less – your age 20 years, 10-20 punches – 30 years old, 20-30 strokes – 40 years 30-40 beats – 50 years. If the pulse was accelerated more than 40 blows, you 60 or more.
Stand up straight, raise your right hand up and put it behind you. Left, bottom, try to get to her and clasping his hands in the lock on the blade. If you have your biological age 20 years. Touched with fingertips for 30 years. Hands close but not touching for more than 40 years. Are unable to perform an exercise you're over 60.
The last test for sexual attraction. How many times a week or month you visit it and you implement it? 7 times a week – you're 20 years old, 6 times per month – 30 years, 4 times a month – 40 years, 2 times in a month – 50 years, less than 1 time per month – you are 60 and over.