Large, medium or small?

Big travel bag on wheels has many advantages. To hold things the whole family on a vacation. But if all that you want to take, it will take you in the journey? Before heading to the store for a bag, think about what you need it to be, but not what you can do. It is best to make a list of needed items. Also, consider some circumstances. If you are going to fly, find out whether the airline allows you to divide the weight of the Luggage at least two passengers. If not, instead of a big bag is better to buy medium and small. Also keep in mind that Luggage, even when he travels on wheels, sometimes you have to raise. And while traveling by train or bus too-large bag may not fit under a shelf or in a Luggage compartment.
If resources permit, it is better to have two bags of different sizes.

The bottom of the wheels

Determine the size, go to the store. All reputable retail outlets that sell a similar product, you will be offered several types of travel bags on wheels. Pay special attention to the bottom – it should not warp from heavy weight. As for the wheels, they are mostly made of silicone or plastic. The first option is preferable. Silicone is more durable, less susceptible to external influences and not as thunders on the pavement. Note how the wheels are located. They should be submerged. As such, the wheels they are less tangled in the obstacles and less likely to break. Plays a role and size. Ceteris paribus, it is more convenient bag with larger wheels, because of this factor depends on the permeability.
Very well, if the bag may slightly increase in size due to the additional cavity, which is normally zipped.

What is it made of?

Quality travel bags made from lightweight but highly durable waterproof fabric. This is a different calendered materials. Pay attention to how much the bag compartments. Must be one big and several smaller ones. Convenient when the zipper which closes the main compartment, can be fixed. A preferable combination lock, not the one with the key. Inspect the seams. Good bag stitched smooth durable stitching, seams she did not crawl, no skipped stitches.

Handle – this is important

How many of such bags should be handles? Of course, any model is one for which a bag and carry. But it's better if there are some more pens. It is possible that in the journey, situations arise when a bag will have to bear. Maybe it even have to do it together, so that additional handles simply necessary. Better if additional pens are made of cloth, because plastic can be easily pulled off.

The price and quality

Travel bags on wheels released in many countries. The price range is extremely large. But too low price should alert you. The good reputation of German firms, even though these bags are quite expensive. In recent years, appeared on the market and Russian producers producing a product of this kind. Quality bags Finding, "guarantee", "Leviticus" is good enough, but there are a few cheaper German. Buy quality cheap bag through the Internet-shops of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, including specialized, like Robinzon, "bags and bags", "Dorozhny bag."