Original genre content is not similar to any classic. It contains rooms, demonstrating the capabilities of the human body. Often performers perform in the circus, or a specialized show. They are acrobats, magicians, clowns, jugglers, impersonators, aerialists, animal trainers. They are able to cause people's emotions such as joy, pleasure, admiration, fear, etc.

Original genre recognized by the public. The rooms of this genre beyond the boundaries of just the usual bored and introduce the novelty, the atmosphere of celebration and General fun.
For many years performers are in demand at various public and private events: corporate parties, weddings, children's parties, concerts, parties, fresh air, etc. today there are agencies and sites where the customer can choose the artist for their holiday. Especially in demand of the trained animals, magicians and members of the contemporary performing arts.

Accommodation with Pets allowed

Animals are a big love of the public. Trained animals fascinated and touches the audience. Therefore, rooms with four-legged friends are a compulsory part of the circus program and are widely demanded at private parties. Most often in the speeches involved monkeys, snakes, birds, insects, cats, dogs, large animals, predators, etc.

Barman show

This kind of show is appropriate for corporate parties and night parties. Bartenders artfully demonstrate manual dexterity, skillfully juggling the glasses and shaker, treat the audience prepared cocktails. In fact, the bartender shows shows and professionally prepare delicious drinks,and his skill is evaluated with two parameters.

Magicians and illusionists

These artists surprise and delight the audience. Magic tricks can be simple, based on sleight of hand. Such artists are particularly fond of children. Rooms illusionists most often based on the use of sophisticated devices, equipment, are implemented using helpers. They cater to a more adult audience and are often based on fear.

Clowns and buffoons

Since ancient times, they were designed to entertain the audience. They make fun of simple, everyday things and phenomena.
"Moment of glory" - most popular television show of the artists of the original genre in Russia. It helps unknown talents from the regions to assert themselves all over the country.
Also have a lot of popularity among children. However, the stories are virtuosic clowns, masterfully combining the rooms for children and adult humor.

Bubble show

The decoration of any holiday. In speech you can use car soap bubbles and giant hand tools. Such show cause joy, delight. Often, the artists allow the public to try to make a big bubble of their own. In addition, the bubbles make for a beautiful photo.

Fire show

Extreme the view associated with fire and its maintenance. Original, exciting, spontaneous action based on danger and the mesmerizing beauty of fire.