The composition and layers of the salad "Herring under a fur coat"

Classic salad "Herring under a fur coat" is definitely of salted herring, boiled potatoes, eggs, dressed beets, carrots and onions. And as the dressings always use mayonnaise – they lubricated all the layers, including the last. In some recipes you might see a green Apple, but availability depends on the preferences of the chef.

Potatoes, carrots, eggs and beets pre-boiled until tender in unsalted water. Then all the ingredients are cut into small cubes the same size or rubbed on a coarse grater. Herring in the latter case, it's better to finely chop then the salad will be more juicy. Then, the ingredients are stacked in layers in sequence.

The first layer in the dish, as a rule, laid herring. Then goes the onions, potatoes, eggs and carrots. And the last layer is always made from beets – thanks to this ingredient, "Herring under a fur coat" always work with a beautiful purple top. Beauty smeared with mayonnaise beets can be a little preporuciti a small amount of egg yolk was filtered through a fine grater.
If the salad is an Apple, it is better to play your last layer it will be perfectly combined with beets.

The recipe of salad "Herring under a fur coat"

To prepare this salad, you will need the following ingredients:
- 1 large salted herring;
- 2 large potatoes;
- 5 eggs;
- 1 carrot;
- 1 vinagreta beets medium size;
- onions;
- 250-300 g of mayonnaise.
Instead of herring, you can use salted anchovy, but the salad with it will not be as tender.

Potatoes, eggs, carrots and beets open until tender, cool and cut into small cubes, putting each product on a separate plate. Onion cut into 4 pieces and dip for a couple of minutes in boiling water to remove excess bitterness, then chop.

The herring cut off the heads, tails and fins. Remove the skin with a thin film and gut the fish. Then remove the spine and all major bones sticking out. Cut the fillet into small pieces, not forgetting to remove out of the bone.

Lay out on a flat plate a flat surface and grease it with a small amount of mayonnaise. Top evenly distribute the chopped onions. Then put the potatoes and eggs, greasing them with mayonnaise. Spread the egg a carrot, brush with mayonnaise and evenly spread the grated beets. The last layer gently cover the large amount of mayonnaise. Ready salad put in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours, so he got soaked.